Baseball Drops Two of Three in Arizona

The Redhawks hit a roadblock this weekend as the Lopes managed to perform a complete-game shutout. Still, Seattle University baseball kept their hopes high.


Sean Sutton swings at a low pitch.

At a three-game Western Athletic Conference (WAC) series this weekend against Grand Canyon University Seattle U experienced a win and two losses.

Seattle U won the first game of the series this weekend against Grand Canyon University at Brazell Stadium in Phoenix, Arizona, 9-8. However, the last two games didn’t end as successfully, ending at 19-0 Saturday and 9-6 Sunday.

Up until the fourth inning during Friday’s game, the Redhawks had the lead. In the fifth inning, Grand Canyon managed to score two runs and another three runs in the sixth inning. The game was now at a 7-7 run tie. The following inning, the Redhawks were focused on bouncing back from the tie.

Fighting to gain the lead once and for all, Kyler Murphy, sophomore catcher for the Redhawks, broke the 7-7 run tie with a two-run homer. This was Murphy’s second home run of the season. During the final two innings, Seattle U played to secure this lead.

The following day, May 6, The Lopes came back to the field at Brazell determined to beat Seattle U. During the game, GCU would pose a great challenge to the Redhawks.

Their final score of the night, 19-0, was Grand Canyon’s largest shutout win since Jan. 31, 2004, when they defeated Westmont 21-0.

The spotlight during Saturday’s game was on Jake Repavich, GCU starting pitcher who managed to hold the Redhawks to zero runs.

It took GCU three innings to score the 19 runs. In the first inning the Lopes completed five runs, in the fourth inning they completed ten runs and another four in the sixth inning. The game lasted seven innings.

The 3rd game of the three game series, Seattle University attempted to win the Lopes, now 23-22 overall and 17-3 in the WAC, but fell short three runs, 9-6.

The Redhawks kept their endurance during the entirety of the game. During the ninth inning, the Redhawks managed five runs. These runs still weren’t enough to beat The Lopes.

The three game WAC series at Grand Canyon put The Lopes at a 24-22 overall and 18-3 in the WAC outings and put the Redhawks at a 16- 28-1 overall and 6-12 in the WAC.

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