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“Angry Birds” Can’t Take Flight

“Angry Birds” stopped being culturally relevant about three years ago. I just want to make that clear, because I haven’t heard anybody talk about it since around 2012 when Candy Crush took over people’s lives. Since it’s arrival in December of 2009, “Angry Birds” has gone from that game you played on the toilet, to […]


Support for the MRC Student Coalition Grows

On Monday, day 13 of their sit-in protest at the Casey Building, the Matteo Ricci College Student Coalition testified in front of Academic Assembly and presented two binders full of testimonies, emails and other documents detailing complaints against the college, some dating back to 2008. Nick Turner • The Spectator MRC Student Coalition members and […]


Conference Finals Full of Surprises

Playoff basketball is wild. Playoff basketball defies expectations. Playoff basketball will make you angry. Playoff basketball will make you sad. Just ask Warriors fans. The Conference Finals got underway last week and the Oklahoma City Thunder carried their excellent play into Oakland, where they proceeded to shock the Warriors by beating them in the first […]


Asking for a Friend

Carlos is the better Uncle you never had. Q: Ok, if you’re under the imperius curse, and they give you veritaserum, and the one who is imperiusing you tells you to lie, are you able to lie or do u have to tell the truth because you took veritaserum ??? A: Sounds like an intense […]

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