Housing Heartbreak on Capitol Hill

Finding a place to live for an affordable cost is a source of stress for students every year, which is why Housing and Residence Life at Seattle University is currently looking into expanding on-campus living. Many students have found that moving off campus for their sophomore, junior or even senior year has been a burden, ...

Seattle Parking Gets Kicked to the Curb

Even more green bicycle lanes will soon paint the Seattle streets. As America’s fastest-growing city, the demand for calmer streets has significantly increased among the Washington population. In November, voters pushed for quicker bus services and safer bike lanes and are now reaping the benefits of their advocacy. Seattle lawmakers have chosen to designate lanes ...

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Time Out Sessions With Ross Kukula

Sophomore Ross Kukula is expanding his horizons while succeeding on the Seattle University golf team. “My dad was a PGA professional and basically runs and manages golf courses and teaches the game to other children,” Kukula said. “I grew up on a golf course my whole life.” Kukula came to Seattle University from Long Beach, ...


Teach The Hard Truths

On Feb. 18, Oklahoma’s House Education Committee voted 11–4 to ban the teaching of AP United States History in the state’s public high schools. The course, lawmakers argued, “reflected a radically revisionist view of American history that emphasizes negative aspects of our nation’s history.” Since the education committee brought it up, let’s talk revisionism, shall ...

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