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What’s Nue, Seattle?

You would think that being surrounded by diverse eateries would help indecisive individuals to more easily choose a place to dine at, but think again. Stroll down Capitol Hill and you are immediately bombarded by establishment after appealing establishment to tease the rumblings of your tummy. Whether it’s the impeccable Mexican cuisine of Barrio on ...


Coffee Trail

On Nov. 24, Seattle University became the first Pacific Northwest school to become a fair trade university, joining 25 others across the country that pledge to support fair pay and wages for international farmers by offering their products on campus. But the journey there began more than ten years ago—and not everyone agrees that the ...



State of the Union: On Us

To credit the State of the Union to President Obama is somewhat misleading — the state of the union is a reflection on not only the president’s actions, but also the behavior of the collection of U.S. political leaders, our neighboring nations, and, of course, Americans themselves. Among the constant stream of media speculation over ...

Sex Work With Dignity

A large number of the sex workers claiming residence in Seattle have autonomy and do it for money, companionship, and often pleasure. There is nothing inherently wrong with exchanging sex for money, but when an individual is forced into it unwillingly, it changes the way we should be handling legislation. An estimated 300,000 minors are ...

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