Mayor Pushes For First Female SPD Chief

The position of Seattle Police Chief has been dominated by men since the city’s establishment in the mid-1800s—but all that is almost certain to change this June. Kathleen O’Toole, former Police Commissioner of Boston, is Mayor Ed Murray’s choice for the position of chief that has most recently been filled by interims. The other contenders ...

Students Call For Warning Labels on Classics

Warning: the following article contains references to rape, violence, and suicide. What you just read was a trigger warning, and it probably isn’t your first exposure to one. Trigger warnings—labels designed to warn would-be consumers of information as to potentially disturbing or graphic content that they will be exposed to—are common fare on television and ...

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The State of College Grads

“The catchphrase of our generation is that we’re ‘underemployed and overqualified’ for a lot of the jobs we’re applying for,” said senior Maggie Read. When Read walks the stage of Key Arena with her fellow seniors in two weeks’ time, she will graduate with honors and a BA in history. She wants to eventually pursue ...



Guest Op-Ed: We Should Be Angry

Though I was not able to participate physically in the senior streak, as I was traveling home that day, I feel as though I participated in conversation with my fellow students. As a student who feels as though I am fairly active on campus I think the streak happened for several reasons and I think ...

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