Asking For a Friend

Carlos is the better Uncle you never had.


When should I start packing?


Probably like a month ago. You should also save stuff to donate, recycle, and throw away. Try getting boxes from The Cave too and buy packing tape because you’re gonna need it!


My friend won Beyoncé tickets and chose someone else to go with instead of me. Should I stop being her friend?


Lol! No. Be nice. I’m sure your friend would have taken you if she had another ticket. But also that sucks. Sorry. Cheer up buttercup?

It’s been real fam. I had a great time responding to your questions even if they were inappropriate sometimes. Just know that even though I won’t be writing in this column anymore I’m always around to give y’all advice. Or not. Perhaps y’all can find someone who gives better advice lol. I tried my best and if my advice ruined your life, I’m not too shocked. Have a great summer and keep reading this column when someone else takes over!

XOXO Uncle Carlos

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