Nation’s First Carbon Tax on Washington Ballot

No state in this country has a tax on carbon emissions. That might change in November if Washington state voters approve Initiative 732, a ballot measure that would establish a carbon emission tax on certain fossil fuels, reduce the state sales tax by one percentage point, increase a low-income exemption and reduce certain manufacturing taxes. […]

Seattle U Hosts Gubernatorial Debate

Republican Bill Bryant and incumbent democrat Jay Inslee squared off in a heated gubernatorial debate held in Pigott Auditorium on Monday. With general elections closing in, this was an opportunity for both candidates to make their positions clear and pin down any undecided voters. But that’s not really how it went. Instead the debate became […]

Support for the MRC Student Coalition Grows

On Monday, day 13 of their sit-in protest at the Casey Building, the Matteo Ricci College (MRC) Student Coalition testified in front of Academic Assembly and presented two binders full of testimonies, emails and other documents detailing complaints against the college, some dating back to 2008. Nick Turner • The Spectator MRC Student Coalition members […]

Meet Your 2016 Seahawks Draft Picks

The 2016 NFL Draft was held last weekend, April 29 – May 1, in Chicago and there will be some new faces around the VMAC when the rookie minicamp kicks off this Friday. Who are all these new faces? Germain Ifedi – OT, Texas A&M (First Round, Pick No. 31) Seattle hasn’t used their first […]

I-1520 Aims to Keep Films and Money in Washington

Seattle has made a lot of notable appearances on film and television, which is no surprise considering its famous associations with alternative music, coffee and breathtaking views. But the real Seattle has actually hosted very few physical movie shoots. Seattle based films such as “Paycheck,” “Firewall,” “Shooter,” “Battle in Seattle,” “88 Minutes” and “50 Shades […]

The Week in Review

Mars has Water— NASA announced on Monday, Sep. 28 that there is water on Mars. The find represents a major discovery and radical shift in what we know about the planet itself and the rest of the galaxy. While this does not necessarily indicate the presence of life, water is one of the key foundations […]

Letter From The Editor

Welcome back, Redhawks. It’s been a few. For those of you who don’t know, we are The Spectator—Seattle University’s student-run campus newspaper since 1933. As a journalist and Seattle U student, I cannot help but notice that readers are becoming more engaged, educated and aware about injustices felt on a cultural, social, political and institutional […]

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