Boston Reflection: The College Connection

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  • May 1st, 2013

The manhunt is over. One culprit is dead, the other in custody. The tragedy has sunk in, and the Boston bombings have faded into a haunting nightmare. Now that the panic has ended, the questions begin. America wants to know who could be capable of committing such a horrifying act of terrorism. Not their names; […]

After Lockdown, Boston PD Arrests Suspect

Five days of confusion and terror lead to the capture of Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev. After the two brothers petrified Boston with two explosions, killing three and harming more than 170, they continued their acts of violence late Thursday night. At around 10:48 p.m., an MIT police officer arrived at the scene as the brothers […]

Capitol Hill Crime Rates

If it seems like the number of Timely Warning Notifications has been increasing over the last few months, you might be right. According to CHS, from 2011-2012 in the area around 12th Ave. and Pike Street, burglaries were up 81 percent, while citywide, burglaries were down about four percent. Many of the reported incidents involved […]

Craigslist Hook-ups End in Robbery, Assault

1. Contact stranger on Craigslist to meet up for sex. 2. Have sex with stranger. 3. Stranger beats you up and robs you. Call it what you may—though if you follow these steps you’ll probably be calling SPD—this is the 21st century formula for an empty bank account and a trip to Swedish Hospital. It […]

Let’s Talk About Date Rape

During the first quarter of her freshman year at Seattle University, Lindsey was raped. Lindsey (not her real name) had been texting and flirting with a “friend of a friend” one night while he was at a party. They agreed that they would hang out later that night and by the time he arrived at […]

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