The Social Justice League: The Powerful History of Seattle U Activism

Seattle University’s history of activism cannot be viewed through rose colored glasses. Instead, our past is colored with struggle, conflict, and protest—events that often led to turmoil and debate within the university. This chronicle of a few of Seattle U’s activist movements shows that, throughout time, students and staff have interpreted their university’s Jesuit values […]

Hawks Crush Broncos… and Pergola

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Should coaches be making this much money?

Infographic via Deadspin A quick look at this map shows just how profitable college sports have become. In most states, coaches make the most of any public employee. Which public official in your state has the highest earnings? When it comes to the education system, your first guess might be the school president or the […]

Balls Out: Top Five Weirdest College Mascots

If the Kansas Jayhawks have a home game, it is highly likely that there will be a ridiculous amount of spectators in their audience, proudly boasting their school colors and spirit. They would wildly hoot at holler both the words “Kansas” and “Jayhawks.” And if you attended the Seattle U volleyball game on Thursday, you […]

Doctors, Student Find Future in 3-D Printing

Turns out a 3-D printer has the potential to feed you and save your life. New 3-D printers can make a solid object of basically any shape from a digital model. A 3-D printer prints a material through sequential layering to manufacture whatever it is the virtual blueprint instructs. This manufacturing technique is inventive because […]

Editorial: Seattle U: A Case of Split Identities?

The divestment rallies, the academics vs. athletic debates, and various other groups and coalitions that have sprung up on campus are working to incite conversations regarding different possible identities at Seattle U. Kudos to those seeking a central and general identity among our community, as it provides for thriving progress and understanding. However, all the […]

Seattle University Works to Help Transfers Adjust

Winter quarter brings plenty of visible changes to the school—new classes, new weather, the constant promise of snow. However, most students forget about what could be the new quarter’s most exciting development: a new flock of Redhawks. Typical incoming freshmen receive an in-depth orientation and an abundance of support from fellow students, faculty and departments. […]

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