Doctors, Student Find Future in 3-D Printing

Turns out a 3-D printer has the potential to feed you and save your life. New 3-D printers can make a solid object of basically any shape from a digital model. A 3-D printer prints a material through sequential layering to manufacture whatever it is the virtual blueprint instructs. This manufacturing technique is inventive because […]

Editorial: Seattle U: A Case of Split Identities?

The divestment rallies, the academics vs. athletic debates, and various other groups and coalitions that have sprung up on campus are working to incite conversations regarding different possible identities at Seattle U. Kudos to those seeking a central and general identity among our community, as it provides for thriving progress and understanding. However, all the […]

Seattle University Works to Help Transfers Adjust

Winter quarter brings plenty of visible changes to the school—new classes, new weather, the constant promise of snow. However, most students forget about what could be the new quarter’s most exciting development: a new flock of Redhawks. Typical incoming freshmen receive an in-depth orientation and an abundance of support from fellow students, faculty and departments. […]

Grad Enrollment Down Nationwide and at SU

As students graduate from their respective institutions of higher education, they can choose a number of paths to go down. Take a year off and explore the corners of the earth, enter the battlefield that is the workforce or pursue an advanced degree. Although job competition is becoming fiercer and having a graduate school education […]

Northeastern Moves Over to the Northeast

January 2013 will mark the opening of Northeastern University’s Seattle branch campus for graduate programs. This addition to the Seattle region’s educational institutions looks to be welcomed by the city and the would-be competing institutions. This campus branch will be headed by Tayloe Washburn. He has lived in the Seattle area for about 35 years […]

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