Students and Faculty Plan for Inauguration

The election of Donald Trump has challenged and affected many members of our campus community. With the inauguration occurring on the morning of Friday, Jan. 20, students and faculty alike are rallying around a sense of unity and solidarity as a rebuttal to the increasingly polarized nature of modern politics during wthis divisive time. CECI […]

The Election in Review

Donald J. Trump is the 45th President of the United States. He officially claimed the presidency last night after an extremely close election that defied early predictions of an easy win by his opponent, Hillary Clinton. His win comes on the back of a hugely contentious election cycle. Trump and Clinton, the Democratic nominee, were […]

SU Students Disappointed With Presidential Ballot

“Is 2016 even real at this point?” said sophomore environmental science major Ionatana Tua, regarding this year’s presidential election. With November quickly approaching, many voters turn to the presidential debates to strengthen their final decision. We are two debates in, and many still find themselves scratching their heads and wondering whether they are watching an […]

An Increasingly Frustrating Presidential Election

I consider myself a bit of a political junkie. I enjoy the drama of it, the games candidates play, the heated speeches and debates. But the 2016 Presidential election has, for me, gone from an entertaining-yet-concerning spectacle to an embarrassing, flaming mess. As is the case every four years, November will present a defining moment […]

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