Bey Gets Personal

For most musicians, it would be pompous—and probably impossible—to convince HBO executives to make their service free for a single day and debut an hour-long “visual album.” For Beyoncé, it’s entirely fitting. And as if the dramatic release of “Lemonade” wasn’t attention-grabbing enough, the lyrical content of the album is equally surprising. Beyoncé reveals in […]

Love in Harmony at the Spring Choir Concert

When the Seattle University choir performs their seasonal show this spring, love will be in the air and our ears. This year’s spring choir concert, “All Our Loves” will let love blossom like a flower in its attendees’ hearts. “It’s in our mission statement that, through outstanding, great music, we aim to bring more love […]

Listen to This: Nico

I consider the 1967 album Chelsea Girl—the debut from a wonderfully weird singer named Nico—a perfect soundtrack for springtime. It’s been a few decades since Nico passed away, but her sound has aged incredibly well. My first introduction to her music was through one of my favorite films, The Royal Tenenbaums, in which Margot Tenenbaum […]

Lee Peterson Hits Cosmic Lottery

Lee Peterson sits on a piano bench and wears a bright, hand-crocheted hat on her head despite the warm weather outside. Her blue stone earrings shift as she speaks, sparkling over the rows of choir benches that fill the room. Kyle kotani • The Spectator Lee Peterson is the new pianist for the choir department […]

KXSU: Wider Audience but with Tighter Control

Students with sharp eyes might have noticed a new addition to the roof of Campion, but most probably didn’t notice the telephone-pole-like antenna reaching towards the sky that was placed there in September. It’s not much, but it represents something big. In just a few short weeks, KXSU will broadcast on low-power FM frequencies throughout […]

Sir Elton John’s New Album Echoes Past Work

Sir Elton John is more than a music icon—he’s some sort of meteor that rocketed to earth in a sparkly blazer and chunky glasses destined to impact the Earth’s surface and forever change the music industry. His voice resonates in the marrow of bones, making every song your song. His fingers fly over the piano […]

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