Indiana Stirs up Controversy with New Act

By now, the news of Indiana’s new religious freedom law has made its way to every corner of the United States, and the public response has been divided between clear outrage and hearty agreement. But in a strange turn of events, the law may now wind up doing exactly the opposite of what it was […]

Our Titillating Interview With Mama Tits

Mama Tits is a towering Seattle icon and drag queen extraordinaire who needs no introduction. Last year she made headlines at our city’s Pride Parade when she shut down anti-gay protesters and protected her community from bigotry. But that’s not all Mama’s known for—she’s also a fiercely fabulous performer, event hostess, comedian, and (unlicensed) life […]

New U.S. Envoy Advocates For LGBTQ Rights

The world has seen a recent surge bof headlines alluding to the persecution of the global LGBTQ community. Nations across the globe from Europe to Africa have seen a violent backlash against recent movements for equality regardless of sexual orientation. The United States made history in this struggle for human rights by creating the first […]

The Week In Review

Greek Ballout Greece has been working through economic hardship for the last several years. In 2010, the country was dangerously close to bankruptcy and was bailed out by international powers with a loan of $270 billion. The condition of the loan was that Greece would get its economy back on track through strict economic practices. […]

‘Coming Out’ of Your Dorm Room

As a space reserved for privacy and comfort, a dorm room can say a lot about its residents. Sophomore Antonia Decker explores this idea in her photo essay, “Coming Out,” which will be on display outside the Hawk’s Nest Bistro. During spring quarter of her freshman year, Decker asked several friends—and a few strangers—if she […]

Coming Out: Yes, it Still Matters

Jessie Koon • The Spectator Written messages supporting the LGBTQ community could be seen throughout the student center on National Coming Out Day. Last Saturday, the United States celebrated National Coming Out Day, a time for people of all ages to share and claim their sexual orientation and gender identity while being supported by the […]

Editorial: Strides for Equality

It isn’t often that the Supreme Court’s refusal to hear a case makes national news. But on Monday when the nation’s highest court passed up the opportunity to make a ruling on whether same-sex marriage bans are constitutional, that’s exactly what happened. The news flooded social media and dominated front-page headlines the next day. The […]

Seattle’s Lesbian and Gay Film Festival

Showcasing films that are both critically-acclaimed and that have amassed a cult following, the Seattle Lesbian and Gay Film Festival is seen by many cinema fanatics as an unmissable event. It is, of course, so much more than just a chance to gush about great cinema over coffee and donuts. In its 19 years, the […]

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