The Week in Review

Former SeaTac city Manager Motives Questioned— In a report released by the Seattle Times, former SeaTac City Manager James Payne asked the staff geographic information systems coordinator to create a map that specified the location of Sunni and Shiite Muslim residents that lived in the greater Seattle area. Payne explained that the motive behind this […]

Growing Trend of Stick n Poke is no Joke

College dorms are turning into tattoo parlors and university students are changing what it means to mark oneself with a needle and ink. Enter the stick and poke, the cheap college version of a tattoo that is less permanent but serves a similar purpose. Cam Peters • The Spectator A student shows off her stick […]

The Week in Review

DONALD TRUMP ABORTION STANCE SPARKS OUTRAGE— After Donald Trump commented that women who choose to have an abortion should be criminalized, many people  belonging to both pro-choice and pro-life groups took offense to Trump’s abortion stance. Although Trump failed to elaborate on what the specific consequences should be, he did take the position that, “There […]

Zika Virus and Its Concerning Media Portrayal

The Zika virus—which has quickly spread around the globe since late last year—became a local issue when Washington’s first case was diagnosed on Feb. 22. But with media coverage of the disease ranging from relaxed warnings to panic-induced reports, it can be difficult to discern whether the virus is a real cause for concern. Most […]

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