Connecting the World to Seattle University

The world, and Seattle University, is always changing. According to the Pew Research Center’s new study of immigration patterns, by the year 2065 the U.S. will have no ethnic majority. The population of white people will drop below 50 percent and Asians will overtake Hispanics and become the largest immigrant group. Of the projected total […]

Executive Immigration Order Affects WA, SU

We often think of immigration reform as something that only affects states along the southern border. Yet, undocumented immigrants play a role in many communities in Washington State, including Seattle University. Earlier this year the Justice Department urged a federal appeals court hearing to reverse a hold that a Texas judge placed on President Obama’s […]

Friends, Family and Food at Filipino Fiesta

What Seattle University event has delicious cuisine, traditional dance and song, and costs under $20? The answer is United Filipino Club’s annual cultural showcase, Barrio Fiesta. Nicole Schlaeppi • The Spectator The Seattle University United Filipino Club prepares for their annual Barrio Festival, which will be held in Campiom Ballroom on Saturday March 7. Attending […]

Jesuits Respond to #blacklivesmatter

Two weeks ago, the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities released a call to action titled “BLACK lives matter, ALL lives matter, JUSTICE matters.” It was signed by Fr. Stephen Sundborg, S.J., as well as 12 other notable members of Seattle University. Audrey Mallinak • The Spectator Dr. Pamela Taylor, Director of the Center for […]

International Dinner Brings ‘Home’ to SU

Students can check something off of their Seattle University bucket lists–and get a taste of foods from around the world–by attending the 38th Annual International Dinner this Saturday in the Campion Ballroom. This three-hour event will include live performances, raffle prizes and food prepared by Seattle U students and local chefs. A longstanding Seattle U […]

No Indictment Ignites Protests, SU Reacts

Photo by staff designer Courtney Decker The grand jury decision on Nov. 24 not to indict Darren Wilson, the white police officer who fatally shot Michael Brown, an unarmed African-American teenager in Ferguson, MO., ignited nation-wide protests. In Seattle, hundreds took to the streets to demand justice for Michael Brown while others reflected about what […]

Editorial: Dear White People

Following last week’s no indictment decision by a Missouri grand jury, I took to Seattle’s streets to join the protests. As a white person, I need to be conscientious about several things when taking part in these demonstrations. I am not participating because I am affected by the racial biases present in policing, but rather […]

New Holiday Honors Indigenous Community

Christopher Columbus, the man who “discovered” America, is going to have to share his holiday from now on. The city of Seattle has decided to recognize the second Monday of every October not only as Columbus Day, but also as Indigenous Peoples’ Day. The change was the result of a unanimous vote by the Seattle […]

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