Vera Project Hosts “Party Against the Patriarchy”

On Friday, Seattle’s Vera Project was packed with Seattle’s hippest and best- dressed youths, there for Itchy B’s Feminist Club’s fourth Party Against the Patriarchy. These shows aim to provide a space for young people of all identities and backgrounds to gather, dance and express themselves in a safe and inclusive setting. The theme this […]

Consent: The Key for a Sex-ccessful Night

It is no question that college campuses play host to sexual encounters of every kind—sometimes romantic, sometimes awkward. Regardless, each demands one prerequisite: consent. “Can I Kiss You?”, an engaging informational event about consent, rocked Pigott Auditorium on Nov. 1. KYLE KOTANI • THE SPECTATOR Mike Domitrz’s program, “Can I Kiss You?”, brought students on […]

Struggle Drives “Women of Troy” Forward

Three words can be found on the front steps of the Fine Arts Building on the Seattle University campus: TROY IS BURNING. “Women of Troy” is an alternate title for the “The Trojan Woman,” a play written by the Greek playwright Eurypides. “Women of Troy” is interesting because it deals with the female characters from […]

Telling the Untold Stories of Homelessness at New Foundation

Art is a form of activism. Martha Rosler demonstrates this in “Homelessness: The Street and Other Venues,” the final installment of a three-part exhibition called, “If You Lived Here Still,” which went on display last Thursday at New Foundation Seattle. The original exhibition, which first took place in New York City in 1989, included numerous […]

Addressing Opportunity Gaps in Seattle Public Schools and Opening Doors for Black Male Students

Studies have shown that African American males as a group have the lowest graduation rates. Seattle University’s recent Campus Climate Survey revealed that 728 people said they were affected by exclusionary, intimidating, offensive and/or hostile conduct. 15 percent of the 728 people said they were excluded because of their racial identity. A think tank appointed […]

Cultural Awareness Begins with Conservation

In recent years, “Color Runs” have become a major fad in the United States, and for obvious reasons. The runs are uncompetitive, the participants are doused in gorgeous shades of colorful powder and the events often raise a ton of money for charities. While all of this sounds great in theory, Color Runs are a […]

Editorial: A Mother’s Message

As a mother fearlessly stood on stage, walking us through the murder of her 17-year-old son, she asked the audience, “How did we become such a violent society?” Sybrina Fulton, mother of Trayvon Martin, asked us, as a mother would ask her child, why we had become so cruel. As I sat there, among Caucasians, […]

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