Now Serving: Play Dough With a Side of D1

D1 Improv’s Play Dough show pulled a packed crowd to the Admissions Building Wednesday night in order to help Dance Marathon raise $25,000 in one day. As the audience wondered what the Improv team could have up their sleeve, they began to pass around menus describing what was in store for the rest of the […]

A Fortunate Adaptation of an Unfortunate Plot

If you are interested in reviews with happy endings, you would be better off reading some other review. In this review, not only is there no happy ending, there is no happy beginning, and very few happy things in the middle. My name is Bailee Clark. It is my solemn duty to review the story […]

Hidden Figures: A Story of Tenacity and Spirit

The 1960s in America was a time of social revolution, heartbreak, and triumph. Set in 1961, during a time of sit-ins and peaceful protests, “Hidden Figures” tells the true story of three African-American women who work at NASA and struggle toward their dreams, despite the oppression they face inside and outside their workplace. PHOTO VIA […]

Vera Project Hosts “Party Against the Patriarchy”

On Friday, Seattle’s Vera Project was packed with Seattle’s hippest and best- dressed youths, there for Itchy B’s Feminist Club’s fourth Party Against the Patriarchy. These shows aim to provide a space for young people of all identities and backgrounds to gather, dance and express themselves in a safe and inclusive setting. The theme this […]

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