The Week in Review

Terrorism Raids in Belgium— On Sunday Nov. 22, mass raids began throughout Brussels, the capital of Belgium, in attempts to find suspects connected with the Paris terror attacks on Nov. 13. On Sunday alone, police and military conducted 19 raids in Brussels—three of which took place in the town of Charleroi. The historic city center […]

The Week in Review

Death of Police Lt. a suicide, not homicide– While first believed to be a homicide, the death of Fox Lake, Illinois Police Lt. Joe Gliniewicz was announced as a suicide on Nov. 4. Gliniewicz died on Sept. 1 after requesting backup, alleging that he was following a group of three suspicious men. When officers arrived […]

US Media Ignored The Biggest Election Ever

This week, the largest democratic election in the history of the planet is going to end—and yet, if you were watching any major American news network, you probably wouldn’t even know it. American news outlets, The Spectator among them, may deserve to be called out for underreporting India’s elections, which have brought out 814 million […]

Misplaced Documents Threaten Democracy

After the registration and just a few days before the final voter registration day, several students who had registered to vote had not received their ballots. After contacting SGSU, who then contacted The Washington Bus, it was discovered that an unknown amount of voter registration forms had been lost in the mail somewhere between being […]

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