Solution For Serious Situation In Syria Stalled

Confusion clouds the situation in Syria as politicians advocate that several varying degrees of military action be taken, while figures like Pope Francis issue calls for peace. Sept. 7 was proclaimed by Pope Francis as a churchwide day of prayer and fasting for Syria, the first such declaration since 2003, when Pope John Paul II […]

Doctors, Student Find Future in 3-D Printing

Turns out a 3-D printer has the potential to feed you and save your life. New 3-D printers can make a solid object of basically any shape from a digital model. A 3-D printer prints a material through sequential layering to manufacture whatever it is the virtual blueprint instructs. This manufacturing technique is inventive because […]

Editorial: Density Not as Dismal as You Think

People want to live on Capitol Hill. A lot of people. Condos are growing on top of condos, and Broadway seems more populated by construction cranes than coffee shops. The neighborhood is growing and developing, and that means there’s less space. Thus far, the solution seems to be high density micro-housing—dorm style “aPodments” sized slightly […]

COP Out: Reflecting on John Diaz’s Impact

The Seattle Police Department has recently gained a reputation for excessive violence and mishandling of issues. These mishaps have made Police Chief John Diaz’s retirement a contentious news topic. Diaz’s retirement raises questions of how successful he has been as police chief, and brings attention to the issues to be faced by the new police […]

Freshman Sets School Record in High Jump

Seattle University has a new name to add to its track and field record book—freshman Shaddye Melu broke the previous high jump record by jumping 1.98 meters, or 6’5”. On his next height, Melu set the record again at 6’8”, a new personal best by two inches. The jump comes in Melu’s second meet, the […]

New DIrector Plans Changes for P-Safe

In the minds of some, they are intimidating. To others, they are seen with respect. And some might not know what to think, except that they can be seen around campus. This is Seattle University’s Public Safety team. Upon seeing them in uniform around campus, it can bring up different feelings in people, but behind […]

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