The Year in Review

Here is a recap of what was going on in the world during this school year (2014 – 2015) Robin Williams Passes Away (August 2014) Best known for his optimistic comedy and outrageous characters, Robin Williams was found dead in his home on Aug. 11, 2014. Playing roles in movies like “Good Morning Vietnam” and […]

SPD Reroutes To Make Capitol Hill Safer

The Seattle Police Department has decided to reconfigure patrol lines for the Capitol Hill. The police precinct boundaries were redrawn and went into effect last month. Changes made to the East Precinct on 12th Ave. closest to Seattle University will result in more coverage for First Hill and less for the Eastlake area. This is […]

The Week in Review

Republicans Oppose Obama’s Immigration policy—On Jan. 14 the House of Representatives made moves in opposition of President Obama’s immigration policies. This decision will affect millions of persons residing in the United States and expose younger immigrants to the threat of expulsion. The U.S. Republicans won the vote 236-191. The quarrel on the hill was met […]

No Indictment Ignites Protests, SU Reacts

Photo by staff designer Courtney Decker The grand jury decision on Nov. 24 not to indict Darren Wilson, the white police officer who fatally shot Michael Brown, an unarmed African-American teenager in Ferguson, MO., ignited nation-wide protests. In Seattle, hundreds took to the streets to demand justice for Michael Brown while others reflected about what […]

Public Safetly Rebrands, Reaches Out

When walking around campus, it is common to see the recognizable bright red and black jacket uniforms of Seattle University’s Public Safety officers nearby either walking around or zipping by on their segways. It is also common to see Tim Marron, Director of Public Safety chatting with students, faculty and staff. The change in uniform, […]

Controversy Brews Over Youth Jail

Audrey Mallinak • The Spectator A decision by the Seattle City Council to approve $210 million project to rebuild the King County Youth Detention Center located just south of campus has spurred significant activism among those at Seattle University and the surrounding community. How that money should be spent lies at the center of the […]

Garfield Protests SPD Profiling, Brutality

Oct. 22 marked the 19th anniversary of the National Day of Protest to Stop Police Brutality, Repression and the Criminalization of a Generation. Among campuses and organizations across the nation that rose to action, Garfield High School students marched with determination to the Seattle Police Department to send a simple but powerful message about their […]

Capitol Hill Crime on the Rise

The recent uptick in crime in the area surrounding Seattle University has been cause for concern since January of this year, particularly in popular public spaces like Cal Anderson Park. The Seattle Police Department reported that there were 84 aggravated assaults and 89 robberies on Capitol Hill between January and August of 2014. Last year, […]

COP Out: Reflecting on John Diaz’s Impact

The Seattle Police Department has recently gained a reputation for excessive violence and mishandling of issues. These mishaps have made Police Chief John Diaz’s retirement a contentious news topic. Diaz’s retirement raises questions of how successful he has been as police chief, and brings attention to the issues to be faced by the new police […]

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