Humans of SU

Justine van der Veen Strategic Communications/Italian If I could have any pet in the world I would hands down have and Otter Family. An Otter can’t be be himself! He needs his friends to hold hands with so they don’t drift apart when he sleeps.

Listen to This: Nico

I consider the 1967 album Chelsea Girl—the debut from a wonderfully weird singer named Nico—a perfect soundtrack for springtime. It’s been a few decades since Nico passed away, but her sound has aged incredibly well. My first introduction to her music was through one of my favorite films, The Royal Tenenbaums, in which Margot Tenenbaum […]

Movie of the Week

  I love Matt Damon. He’s exhibited a solid range of acting over the past twenty years, and despite being a bit…helpless…sometimes (“The Martian,” “Saving Private Ryan,” “Interstellar” and probably a good portion of his movies) he is someone who consistently delivers admirable performances.   But how did it all start? With math…it started with […]

The Week in Review

STUDENTS PUSH UNIVERSITIES ON EQUITY ISSUES— Students from the University of Washington and Western Washington University have recently made demands related to equity issues. Hundreds of black students at the UW took over a meeting on race and equity two weeks ago, critiquing the university for not acting on these issues in a timely manner. […]

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