Hui ‘O Nani’s Vibrant Lu’au Thriving More than Ever

Student life revolves around three ideas —school, work and friendship—and at Seattle University, three students are working to combine these ideas into a special event. Alexis Rodriguez (entertainment chairman), Danicole Ramos (logistics chairman) and Kylie Teramoto (ballroom chairman) are leaders of the Hui ‘O Nani Hawai’i Club at Seattle U and spearhead the Lu’au’s organiztion. […]

Students get Creative within New Rules at Annual SUFF

Lovers of movies and filmmaking rejoice! It will soon be time for the fifth annual Seattle University Film Festival (SUFF), an event that showcases films from Seattle U students who are passionate about filmmaking. As the film studies program has grown, so has the festival as more and more students become interested in filmmaking and […]

A Higher Order: Mission & Ministry Programs Realigned

Illustrated by Emma Fried • The Spectator Words hold power, especially when they imply a commitment to faith. For Seattle University, the words we use that are centered around our mission as a Jesuit, Catholic institution are intentionally employed with the spirit of care and empowerment. The recent realignment of Division of Mission and Ministry […]

Connolly Center Renovations Behind Schedule

Kyle Kotani • The spectator The new Connolly Center renovations were completed early this quarter. In a city always looking to change, Seattle University has taken the same innovative approach to their campus. This approach has taken on many forms over the past few years and will continue in the future with new proposed buildings, […]

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