“Dark Souls 3:” No Pain, no Game

Do you enjoy video games? Would you consider yourself masochistic? Does being ruthlessly punished over and over again by a video game that has no regard for your sanity appeal to you? If you answered yes to any of the questions above (more specifically the second two) then you might be interested in playing “Dark […]

Not on my Campus: Inside the Campus Carry Debate

I am adamantly against guns. This does not mean I am anti-second amendment rights—but I do believe in stricter gun control laws, would never allow a gun to exist in my household and would never consider enrolling in a school that allowed concealed carry. Yet, I cannot deny that concealed carriers have in some cases […]

Art gets Personal at Advanced Studio Art Exhibit

A cup of coffee every morning. Her favorite bed sheets. Some wine that a friend gave her for her 21st birthday. The small material things in senior Rachel Young’s life manifest as preciousness in the art that she makes. Kyle Kotani • The Spectator Devin Ball, “Digging for Gold”: Hellebore I’ve held onto for too […]

Students to Celebrate Gender Diversity at Drag Show

With the growing popularity of television shows such as “RuPaul’s Drag Race” and the fame of drag stars such as Bianca Del Rio and Chad Michaels, drag has become more and more integrated into pop culture. This is an exciting phenomonon, given that it celebrates the diversity of gender expression—something that has been traditionally left […]

Vagina Monologues: Still Inspiring Dialogue

Shakespeare may not have written it, but “The Vagina Monologues” is a revolutionary play that has maintained its cultural relevance since it was originally performed in 1996. Dedicated to women and their stories, the play still inspires audiences today and will be coming to Seattle University yet again. Primarily run through the Society of Feminists […]

Real Change Exhibit to Re-Frame Homelessness

Over 300 vendors, most of whom are homeless, sell Real Change—a newspaper focused on homeless populations and issues. Those vendors are given the chance to gain experience in sales training, computer skills, service referral and many other opportunities. Seattle City Hall opened its doors to the public last week to help welcome the “Real Change […]

Hollis Wong-Wear on SU, the Love Notes Tour and Activism

Since graduating in 2009, Seattle University alumna Hollis Wong-Wear has produced various Macklemore & Ryan Lewis music videos, been nominated for a Grammy for her vocal performance of “White Walls” on The Heist and has performed as lead vocalist of Seattle-based electronic R&B trio, The Flavr Blue. She has been civically active, serving on boards […]

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