Worldwide Tragedies Brings Globe to Standstill

Seattle University Alum Amanda Rodgers woke up in her small apartment in Southern France in the early hours of Nov. 14 to dozens of messages flooding her cellphone. Friends, family, people she hadn’t heard from in years messaged her the same thing, ‘Are you in Paris? Are you okay?’. Starting at 9:30 p.m. local time […]

Trans Awareness Week: The “T” in LGBTQ Too Often Ignored

Dozens of students, many wearing all black, interrupted the typically quiet energy of the Seattle University School of Law building on Monday. Melissa Lin • The Spectator Students participate in the #SayHerName Die-in as part of Transgender Awareness Week “We’re here to say what?” shouted Tyrone Brown, staff member in the Division of Student Development. […]

Lull in Divestment Actions Since Protests Last Year

Seattle University bears the name of a great city and with that name comes great responsibility. The Jesuit identity of this institution is defined by its service to the community, both local and global. From the organically maintained gardens that thrive on rainwater collected from roofs and sidewalks to the locally produced and fair-trade food […]

Humans of SU

Sam Schultheis Strategic Communications “What do you think the world needs more of?” “I think the world needs more communication. Despite modern technology and social media, there is still very little communication throughout the world. Both on an interpersonal level and on a very global scale. We might be more inundated with information and technology, […]

Not So Breaking News

You mine for them, they are money for the age of technology by the age of technology; they are bitcoins. As if money wasn’t already weird enough. Pieces of inherently worthless paper that are given actual economic power through use; exchanged for goods and services, designating a “price” to every daily activity. Now rather than […]

New Albers Degree Combines Data with Problem

Those with a passion for deep analytical content, understanding business-related issues and communications will be happy to learn that a new graduate degree—a Masters of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA)—will be offered by Seattle University’s Albers School of Business and Economics starting Fall Quarter 2016. Rebecca Gottstein, a Business Economics major at Seattle U, is […]

New Nest for Migrating Redhawks

Transitions can be difficult. Everyone experiences change differently, and transferring to Seattle University comes with its own challenges. Luckily, on Nov. 17, a new office will open on campus to specifically address concerns of transitions. Occupying a familiar space to transfer students—formerly the Tekakwitha Collegium in STCN 110—is now home to a new office: the […]

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