SU Students Disappointed With Presidential Ballot

“Is 2016 even real at this point?” said sophomore environmental science major Ionatana Tua, regarding this year’s presidential election. With November quickly approaching, many voters turn to the presidential debates to strengthen their final decision. We are two debates in, and many still find themselves scratching their heads and wondering whether they are watching an […]

Students Kickstart Undergraduate Research Journal

Research journals serve as tools for professional development to undergraduate students. Just over two years ago, a group of Writing Center Consultants noticed that Seattle University was lacking a journal and decided to create one of their own. Now, the Seattle University Undergraduate Research Journal (SUURJ) is accepting manuscript submissions for its inaugural year. MICHAEL […]

C-Street Scores Poorly on Health Inspection

Carrying a heavy backpack, coffee in hand and minds on upcoming midterms, many students find themselves rushing through Cherry Street Market for a quick meal. However, they aren’t the only ones worrying about their grades right now. C-Street, the university cafeteria that provides most underclassmen a majority of their meals, had their second health inspection […]

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