City Council Advocates For Rent Control

In response to the ever-rising costs of living in Seattle, City Council passed a resolution last Monday asking the state to lift its ban on rent control. It looks unlikely that the request will be granted, as there is no support in any districts outside of the city to get rid of the statewide ban. […]

SGSU: Bigger and Stronger Than Ever

Fall quarter brings new members to student government who seek to serve the Seattle University community the best they can. Student Government at Seattle University President Mallory Barnes believes this year’s representatives to be nothing short of phenomenal. “They are astounding individuals with so many great ideas and very action oriented,” Barnes said. SGSU’s current […]

First Step In Ending Youth Incarceration

The words “Never lose hope,” written on a mural next to the King County Juvenile Detention Center, resonate now more than ever as members of the Seattle City Council unanimously voted to pass Resolution Zero Use of Detention for Juveniles. This resolution, written by community members, marks the possibility of ending of youth incarceration in […]

‘Pink Out Day’ Rallies For Planned Parenthood

The color pink is often associated with all things feminine. This week, advocates of Planned Parenthood donned the color in support of the organization. The nonprofit healthcare organization provides its services throughout the U.S. focused on the general and reproductive health of women, men and children from all walks of life. In recent weeks, some Republican […]

The Summer in Review

REFUGEE AND IMMIGRANT CRISES— From Europe to South Asia, nations handled difficult questions as war as well as environmental refugees seek to escape unlivable conditions. In France, the port city of Calais was filled with migrants who sought to move into Great Britain. Those supporting the migrants pointed to strict French citizenship laws, yet others […]

Letter From The Editor

Welcome back, Redhawks. It’s been a few. For those of you who don’t know, we are The Spectator—Seattle University’s student-run campus newspaper since 1933. As a journalist and Seattle U student, I cannot help but notice that readers are becoming more engaged, educated and aware about injustices felt on a cultural, social, political and institutional […]

The Year in Review

Here is a recap of what was going on in the world during this school year (2014 – 2015) Robin Williams Passes Away (August 2014) Best known for his optimistic comedy and outrageous characters, Robin Williams was found dead in his home on Aug. 11, 2014. Playing roles in movies like “Good Morning Vietnam” and […]

Strong Writer, Strong Editor: Melissa Lin

At the last Spectator meeting of the year, outgoing Editor in Chief Caroline Ferguson looks on as Melissa Lin leads her first Spectator meeting as the paper’s new leader. Ferguson, who will be graduating with a Humanities for Teaching degree later this month, joined the Spectator as a volunteer writer her freshman year and came […]

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