The Friendly Faces Behind our Beautiful Campus

Illustrated by Lorna McDonnell • The Spectator Seattle University is full of ambitious students and professors, rushing from class to class and doing more than they can with the little time they have. What they often forget in the flurry of their own haste, is that their lifestyle wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for […]

A Higher Order: Mission & Ministry Programs Realigned

Illustrated by Emma Fried • The Spectator Words hold power, especially when they imply a commitment to faith. For Seattle University, the words we use that are centered around our mission as a Jesuit, Catholic institution are intentionally employed with the spirit of care and empowerment. The recent realignment of Division of Mission and Ministry […]

Not on my Campus: Inside the Campus Carry Debate

I am adamantly against guns. This does not mean I am anti-second amendment rights—but I do believe in stricter gun control laws, would never allow a gun to exist in my household and would never consider enrolling in a school that allowed concealed carry. Yet, I cannot deny that concealed carriers have in some cases […]

More Than just a Number: Sexual Assault Awareness Month

This year Seattle University continues the annual tradition of Take Back the Night—along with other projects—during April, sexual assault awareness month. This month demands that survivors are seen as people above all else. By including all people of all backgrounds and identities, survivors and allies can join together in solidarity against sexual assault. It’s about […]

The Best Ways to Celebrate April

Keep America Beautiful Month: Tend to a Garden There is no better month to ponder how to keep our nation beautiful than April, when the weather becomes less temperamental and nature greets us with increasingly vibrant and cheerful colors. While you could stick to the simple, yet impactful tasks of repurposing old items or picking […]

In the dark about the sexual misconduct policy: Why The Seattle U Community Wants Clarification—And Change

Illustrated by Mandy Rusch Federal laws are often written in an ambiguous manner, allowing each relevant body to interpret them as they see fit—but also allowing for confusion and controversy. Seattle University’s sexual misconduct policy, found in the Code of Conduct, is an interpretation of the Title IX and the Clery Act, and one that […]

Seattle U Still Stuck in Gender Binary

Seattle University has long struggled with making its campus inclusive for transgender, genderqueer or other non-binary students and community members. In 2010, students, faculty and staff developed a list of issues regarding inclusivity that needed to be addressed. This list included bathroom accessibility, training and awareness surrounding pronoun usage, and access to health care. For […]

The Age of not giving a dam

The Elwha River is flourishing and showing a greater abundance of life since the removal of two dams five years ago. In this case, dam removal demonstrates that environmental benefits far outweigh economic costs and possible loss of jobs. Only time will tell how we can harness the earth’s natural forces in more efficient ways. […]

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