Summer in Seattle

Summer in Seattle Another year has come and gone. We, the editors of the Spectator, have tried our best to bring our Seattle University community relevant, engaging, thought provoking, and entertaining coverage throughout the year. We realize that many will remain in Seattle during the summer at a time when the Spectator will be on […]

Where Did All the Water Go?

Driving through Snoqualmie Pass this past winter felt post-apocalyptic. The hills were bare and brown with the exception of some patches of white snow. Chair lifts were not moving. Snoqualmie Pass had closed down early this year due to lack of snowfall. Rattlesnake Lake in North Bend has been at concerningly low levels for this […]

Highlighting Concerns About Conduct

Think back to your orientation at Seattle University as a first-year or transfer student. You can probably easily recall the excitement of familiarizing yourself with new people, places, and communities. In the chaos of welcome, you may have forgotten signing a document called the Redhawk Commitment, and it is likely you have violated it at […]

Foraging at its Finest

You start your day with a bowl of fruit: strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries. On the way to class, you grab an Asian pear. For lunch, a green salad topped with fresh herbs. It’s all locally sourced, ethically produced, and organic. And none of it cost you a dime. You just had to know where to […]

The Votes are in Say Hello to the 2015-2016 SGSU Reps

The results from the spring student government elections are in. Next year’s representatives are a diverse bunch seeking more transparency between the student body and school administration. They hope to make positive changes and plan on collaborating and working with the Seattle U community to make sure voices and concerns are not just heard, but […]

Just The Beginning: Tensions Are Rising

On Wednesday, April 15 hundreds of protesters filled the Pigott atrium: hanging banners, waving signs, and showing support for workers in what was one of many demonstrations taking place across the country in a movement for labor rights. One of the organizations, Service Employees International Union, who has led the adjunct faculty unionization efforts at […]

Opening the Conversation on Campus

Over the past year, members of the seattle university community have made a difference with their social justice advocacy. but according to some students, the university still isn’t serving them as well as it could. nationally, graduation rates are low and suicide rates are high for native american students, even as our schools sit on […]

71 Days of Sun

Scenario: It’s the weekend. You have the day off. The sun is out. What do you do? On average, Seattle has less than 100 days of sunshine per year. Now that it’s spring, and the sun is starting to beam, it’s time to start soaking up as much of it as possible—especially since Seattle is […]

Life After Graduation: Where do the Redhawks Migrate?

Senior Redhawks are preparing to spread their wings and fly. In two short months, this year’s seniors will be walking across the stage at their graduation ceremony, and stepping off into the professional world. (Paychecks, insurance, bills, oh my!) Seattle U has a number of rankings and accreditations. Seattle U graduates have an average entry-level […]

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