Too Little, Too Late? Seattle Declares State of Emergency Over Homelessness

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray said that the city will make a one time allocation of $5.3 million towards alleviating homelessness, after declaring a state of emergency regarding the issue–but will this be enough to resolve a problem deeply entrenched in other social, economic, and political injustices? Members of the Seattle University community are skeptical of […]

Seattle University Campus Climate Assessment 2015

“Seattle University affirms that diversity and inclusion are crucial to the intellectual and psychological vitality of the campus community,” Campus Climate Executive Summary Continue scrolling for article… Information Source: Seattle University Campus Climate Executive Summary Oct. 2015 The results of a lengthy campus climate survey conducted earlier this year were made public on Oct. 22, […]

What’s New With SGSU

Illustrated by Emma Fried • The Spectator The votes are in, and the Student Government of Seattle University has announced its seven student body representatives for the new school year. Some of these students are new to Seattle U, and some are in their third and fourth years, but they all share a common goal: […]

Connecting the World to Seattle University

The world, and Seattle University, is always changing. According to the Pew Research Center’s new study of immigration patterns, by the year 2065 the U.S. will have no ethnic majority. The population of white people will drop below 50 percent and Asians will overtake Hispanics and become the largest immigrant group. Of the projected total […]

Summer in Seattle

Summer in Seattle Another year has come and gone. We, the editors of the Spectator, have tried our best to bring our Seattle University community relevant, engaging, thought provoking, and entertaining coverage throughout the year. We realize that many will remain in Seattle during the summer at a time when the Spectator will be on […]

Where Did All the Water Go?

Driving through Snoqualmie Pass this past winter felt post-apocalyptic. The hills were bare and brown with the exception of some patches of white snow. Chair lifts were not moving. Snoqualmie Pass had closed down early this year due to lack of snowfall. Rattlesnake Lake in North Bend has been at concerningly low levels for this […]

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