Support for the MRC Student Coalition Grows

On Monday, day 13 of their sit-in protest at the Casey Building, the Matteo Ricci College (MRC) Student Coalition testified in front of Academic Assembly and presented two binders full of testimonies, emails and other documents detailing complaints against the college, some dating back to 2008. Nick Turner • The Spectator MRC Student Coalition members […]

MRC Student Coalition Seeks ‘Radical Change’

At a press conference on Tuesday afternoon, their seventh day of occupation in the Casey Building at Seattle University, the Matteo Ricci College (MRC) Student Coalition restated the urgent demands detailed in their petition, “MRC Student Coalition Demands.” At the time the Spectator went to press, the petition had reached more than 1,100 signatures. Observers […]

Full HP Bar, Full Hearts, and a Growing Seattle U Gaming Community

Nicole Schlaeppi • The Spectator Regardless of system, regardless of year, and regardless of place, gamers at Seattle University have found each other to share their passion. They are among the thousands of loyal viewers logged on to to watch livestreams of their favorite games, they are the fans that attend video game conventions […]

The Friendly Faces Behind our Beautiful Campus

Illustrated by Lorna McDonnell • The Spectator Seattle University is full of ambitious students and professors, rushing from class to class and doing more than they can with the little time they have. What they often forget in the flurry of their own haste, is that their lifestyle wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for […]

A Higher Order: Mission & Ministry Programs Realigned

Illustrated by Emma Fried • The Spectator Words hold power, especially when they imply a commitment to faith. For Seattle University, the words we use that are centered around our mission as a Jesuit, Catholic institution are intentionally employed with the spirit of care and empowerment. The recent realignment of Division of Mission and Ministry […]

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