Student Debt: The Crushing Standard

Low income students at Seattle University struggle with balancing the value of an education with debt, insufficient scholarships and the nuances of wage and hours. A college education is one of the best investments you can make—it is also one of the most expensive. Last year, Propublica created an online database called “Debt by Degrees” […]

Addressing Opportunity Gaps in Seattle Public Schools and Opening Doors for Black Male Students

Studies have shown that African American males as a group have the lowest graduation rates. Seattle University’s recent Campus Climate Survey revealed that 728 people said they were affected by exclusionary, intimidating, offensive and/or hostile conduct. 15 percent of the 728 people said they were excluded because of their racial identity. A think tank appointed […]

All Cycles Collects Period Products for the Homeless

Photo Courtesy of All Cycles Menstrual cycles cost Approximately $18,171 over a lifetime, so what do you do when you cannot even afford food? And what do these numbers say about how society regards menstruation? Few people are eager to talk about the daily struggles of living without a home; fewer want to talk about […]

Pro-Life Lecture on Campus Sparks Student Discussion

We’re told from a young age that college will be a time to develop our social and political opinions about the world we live in. For most students at Seattle University, it’s not difficult to find peers with shared liberal perspectives. But for those with more conservative beliefs, becoming a part of the discussion isn’t […]

Too Little, Too Late? Seattle Declares State of Emergency Over Homelessness

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray said that the city will make a one time allocation of $5.3 million towards alleviating homelessness, after declaring a state of emergency regarding the issue–but will this be enough to resolve a problem deeply entrenched in other social, economic, and political injustices? Members of the Seattle University community are skeptical of […]

Seattle University Campus Climate Assessment 2015

“Seattle University affirms that diversity and inclusion are crucial to the intellectual and psychological vitality of the campus community,” Campus Climate Executive Summary Continue scrolling for article… Information Source: Seattle University Campus Climate Executive Summary Oct. 2015 The results of a lengthy campus climate survey conducted earlier this year were made public on Oct. 22, […]

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