Oscar Watch with Scott

I think I may have misjudged how many weeks there were until the Oscars started, so instead of the doing Best Picture and Director this week, I will instead be looking at the Best Screenplay (Original and Adapted) and save the others for next week. So let’s get to it. Best Original Screenplay There are […]

Boozy Bike Cafe Opens Doors on Jefferson

Cam Peters • The Spectator Peloton’s tool rack. Peloton screams Seattle. From its floorboards to ceiling tiles, everything about Peloton says Seattle. Not in the slow driving, eco-friendly, tech savvy, passive aggressive sense—Peloton is Seattle the same way Archie McPhee’s or The EMP Museum are Seattle. But what makes Peloton special is that, at it’s […]

Sir Elton John’s New Album Echoes Past Work

Sir Elton John is more than a music icon—he’s some sort of meteor that rocketed to earth in a sparkly blazer and chunky glasses destined to impact the Earth’s surface and forever change the music industry. His voice resonates in the marrow of bones, making every song your song. His fingers fly over the piano […]

Search for Meaning at Eighth Annual Book Festival

Nicole Schlaeppi • The Spectator Mark Markuly, one of the organizers for the Search for Meaning event. What is the purpose of life? How did I get here? These questions aren’t the opening line into the beginning of an existential crisis—instead they are the questions that will help kick off Seattle University’s Search for Meaning […]

Listen to This: Andrew Bird

I love to recommend Andrew Bird to friends because his music is perfect for so many occasions—road tripping, studying, taking a walk…the list goes on. The best word I can think of to describe his sound is calming, and like his name, his music is closely connected to nature (so much so that one of […]

Oscar Watch with Scott

We are just three short weeks away from the Oscars. This is the time where things really get interesting, especially with the SAGs having just passed and the BAFTAs still to come. So this week we will be looking at the supporting acting categories, one of which has a big shoe-in, while the other remains […]

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