I Love Poke: Hawaiian Food Comes to Seattle

Seafood has a long, glorious relationship with the Pacific Northwest and with Seattle in particular—try a clam chowder bowl at Pike’s Place and you’ll know what I mean—and a new take on an old Seattleite favorite will be hitting the city this October. I Love Poke, a Hawaiian food event centered on good food, good […]

No Country for Old Waffles

With walls ornamented in panels made from pallets, Nate’s Wings and Waffles has an atmosphere that is most accurately described as homey and contemporary. Setting foot in Nate’s is akin to hanging out in your DIY-obsessed best friend’s urban backyard. That is, if your friend also happens to be a great cook and connoisseur of […]

Students Keep on Falling for Fall Fashion

Trying to pin down exactly what the fall fashion trends are this coming school year is a particularly daunting task when everyone is, for lack of better term, different. Cam Peters • The Spectator A wardrobe consisting of mainly cool tones. Seasonal fashion is like philosophy class in the sense that it is what you […]

Genius Abounds at the Frye as Exhibit Opens

I’m sure you’ve passed by the Frye Museum—maybe on your way downtown—or perhaps you’ve actually gone in and sampled the eclectic mix of art. While small, the Frye has been voted as the best museum in Seattle, as well as one of the best free museums in the country—and they aren’t letting that success get […]

Critic’s Corner: ‘San Andreas’

When I was in first grade back in 2001, I experienced my first and only earthquake. I don’t remember much of it, except for the teacher shouting “Remember what we practiced!” over and over. That was 14 years ago, and now the Pacific Northwest is supposedly due for a massive earthquake. Will it be as […]

I Scream you Scream, We All Scream for…

Anyone who ends up on Capitol Hill with an ice cream craving has some very tough decisions to make. Over the course of the 2010s, ten square blocks of Capitol Hill have played host to a veritable ice cream renaissance. Of course there’s Molly Moon’s—one of their massive scoops on a homemade waffle cone is […]

Get Jazzed About Guitar at Seattle U

Going to school on Capitol Hill—one of the biggest cultural hubs in the state of Washington, if not the country—is a big deal for a student musician. Audrey Mallinak • The Spectator Each with guitars as unique as their personalities, this Guitar Jam class enjoys makin’ sweet music together. Popular bands and solo artists come […]

Fine Arts Seniors, It’s Our Honor to Showcase You

This month, six of Seattle University’s top artists are graduating—but before they enter the professional art world, you still have one more chance to see their work on campus. Next Friday is the annual Fine Arts Departmental Honors Showcase, featuring works by exemplary seniors majoring in the arts. This year’s event features six seniors from […]

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