Love in Harmony at the Spring Choir Concert

When the Seattle University choir performs their seasonal show this spring, love will be in the air and our ears. This year’s spring choir concert, “All Our Loves” will let love blossom like a flower in its attendees’ hearts. “It’s in our mission statement that, through outstanding, great music, we aim to bring more love […]

Growing Trend of Stick n Poke is no Joke

College dorms are turning into tattoo parlors and university students are changing what it means to mark oneself with a needle and ink. Enter the stick and poke, the cheap college version of a tattoo that is less permanent but serves a similar purpose. Cam Peters • The Spectator A student shows off her stick […]

Find your Muse at the Digital Design Exhibition

“This year’s design exhibition has very professional designer oriented work,” said associate professor Naomi Kasumi, the digital design exhibition curator for the last decade. “The students were really conscious about how they wanted to be seen as professional designers.” The 2016 digital design exhibition, titled “Muse,” will be filling the Vachon Gallery with an abundance […]

Movie of the Week: The Princess Bride

(I have this poster hanging over my couch) Whenever I hear that someone has not seen Rob Reiner’s absolutely beloved “The Princess Bride,” I sit them down and make them watch it. If you are reading this and have not seen “The Princess Bride,” please stop reading, go to Netflix, and watch it right now. […]

Art Bubbles up at Capitol Cider Drink and Draw

As a proud son of this Evergreen State, apples are something I have always known. From pie to slices, from butter to cider, apples and I go way back. So when I got the chance to visit Capitol Cider’s Drink and Draw event last Thursday, I figured that while I wasn’t the most accomplished artist, […]

I-1520 Aims to Keep Films and Money in Washington

Seattle has made a lot of notable appearances on film and television, which is no surprise considering its famous associations with alternative music, coffee and breathtaking views. But the real Seattle has actually hosted very few physical movie shoots. Seattle based films such as “Paycheck,” “Firewall,” “Shooter,” “Battle in Seattle,” “88 Minutes” and “50 Shades […]

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