Movie of the Week: In Bruges

On a random summer morning back in 2008, I was scoping out Blockbuster (at a time when I was still taking it for granted) hoping to find a good new movie to watch. As I was strolling around the perimeter of the store glancing at the new releases, my eyes caught an unknown title starring […]

“Uncharted 4:” Offers a Jaw Dropping Conclusion

For nearly a decade, game developer Naughty Dog has been turning players into what is essentially a modern day Indiana Jones. By allowing players to explore ancient underground ruins, discover mythical cities and avoid enemy forces at every turn, the “Uncharted” franchise has proven to be one of the greatest series of the modern era. […]

Ice Cream Festival Scoops up Taste of Summer in Seattle

As the weather heats up, ice cream shops from across the Seattle are preparing to kick off the summer season with a selection of sweet treats at the Seattle Ice Cream Festival. The 12 participating ice cream makers will arrive armed with unique flavors and natural ingredients for the first annual festival. The festival will […]

Seattle University Students Represent at Local Film Festival

Before the doors opened at the Seattle College and University Film Festival (SCUFF) over the weekend, University of Washington graduate and festival creator Will Cadra paced along a busy line of patrons. His event was sure to be packed. SCUFF had its first ever film-screening event this weekend, showing off student films from around Seattle. […]

Movie of the Week: Begin Again

The first decade of the new millennium saw the arrival of a lyrical voice in both music and film. With the release of “Once” in 2006, John Carney introduced the world to his love of music with the modern-day musical that radically changed the genre. It also gave us the extraordinary “Falling Slowly” that many […]

Struggle Drives “Women of Troy” Forward

Three words can be found on the front steps of the Fine Arts Building on the Seattle University campus: TROY IS BURNING. “Women of Troy” is an alternate title for the “The Trojan Woman,” a play written by the Greek playwright Eurypides. “Women of Troy” is interesting because it deals with the female characters from […]

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