Nerdhawk’s Guide: The Stack

Welcome back to another episode of The Stack, a discussion on whatever comic books I happen to have laying around. Today we’re going to be talking about The Mighty Thor #1 written by Jason Aaron. This is a new issue in the Post Secret Wars era so spoilers will follow. This issue picks up directly […]

Oscar Watch with Scott

This is going to be the last post for two weeks, in which time I’ll be seeing far too many movies to get into one post, so we’re gonna have a lot of catching up to do after the long Thanksgiving weekend. Let’s get down to it! “Spectre”: Now, James Bond movies are never […]

Listen to This: Dixie Chicks

I’m from Austin, Texas, and if I were to recommend the Dixie Chicks to someone at home I’d get an eye-roll in response; whether fans of the music or not, everyone already knows who they are. But I honestly have no clue if my fellow Seattleites are aware of the greatness that is this country […]

Oscar Watch with Scott

The two movies we talk about this week are ones that I didn’t find particularly well done. They have their elements, but as a whole they are pretty weak. Nevertheless, we must still talk about them and their chances in the Awards Season: “Truth”: (Find in next week’s issue) One of two big journalism movies […]

NerdHawk’s Guide: Blizzcon 2015

Welcome back to another NerdHawk’s Guide to the nerd world! This week we are continuing with the coverage of Blizzcon 2015 and all the fun stuff that has been previewed. In the opening ceremony of Blizzcon the world was shown the first full length trailer to the live action feature film adaptation of the Warcraft […]

Listen to This: Kurt Vile

Somehow I missed the memo at the end of September when Kurt Vile released “b’lieve i’m goin down…,” the sixth studio album of his solo career. I finally picked it up last week, and it’s the only thing I’ve been able to listen to since. There’s a very real possibility that I’ll soon make myself […]

Critic’s Corner: “Spectre” Falls Short

“Skyfall” was a game-changer for the James Bond universe. It featured the death of a major recurring character who, for spoiler’s-sake, will remain nameless. One would expect that “Spectre,” the latest Bond flick, would spend a lot of time delving into the emotional workings of the film’s characters. Unfortunately, such emotional elements go majorly unexplored […]

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