Sweet Weekend for Chocolate

Thousands of chocolate enthusiasts flooded to Seattle for the Northwest Chocolate Festival over the weekend. The event was packed with people of varied interests, whether learning how to perfect their own chocolate recipes or looking for a delicious holiday gift. This year, the festival was held in a semi-discrete location by the water at Pier […]

Critic’s Corner: Inferno and Insecure

Inferno “Humanity is the disease, inferno is the cure,” is one of the first lines spoken in Inferno, the latest installment in the Da Vinci Code films. The film series is based on novels by Dan Brown and this movie, although thrilling and fast- paced, has absolutely no depth and is incredibly predictable. The story […]

Crawling for Literature on Cap Hill

Writers and artists flooded Capitol Hill on Thursday night armed with novels, poems and comic books. These speakers were filling bars, bookstores, cafes and libraries, ready to share their work with the dozens of Seattleites who attended this year’s Lit Crawl. EMILY MOZZONE • THE SPECTATOR The Lit Crawl celebrated its fifth year in Seattle with […]

Critics Corner: Audrie & Daisy

“Audrie & Daisy” is a bold documentary that explores the cases of two girls who were sexually assaulted by young men. This film is an important tool directors Bonni Cohen and Jon Shenk used to educate the nation about sexual assault, a prevalent issue in our society today. PHOTO COURTESY OF SUNDANCE INSTITUTE Daisy Coleman […]

Critic’s Corner: “Made in France”

As the world grapples with the aftershock and fear of terrorist attacks on numerous cities, director Nicolas Boukhrief shines light on young extremists who join the forces of a jihadist group in the French film “Made in France”. Boukhrief dares to encompass an incredibly complex and sensitive subject into 89 minutes of suspenseful cinema, and […]

Newest Food Hot Spots of 2016

A fresh chill in the air and the familiar sight of rainbow crosswalks greet students as they return to Capitol Hill for another quarter at Seattle University. This new school year will bring hours in the library, days in the rain, and of course, some student hot spots that are new to the area, thanks […]

Time out Sessions with Sheldon Stober, Grant Gunning and Ted Hammond

Sheldon Stober Second base/ Economics major Grant Gunning Right-handed pitcher/ Business management and business marketing double major, minor in entrepreneurship Ted Hammond Right-handed pitcher/ Business finance major Ted Hammond Q: You’ve set the school record with 35 wins this season, what do you think has led to that success? GG: I think that finishing last […]

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