Student Health Services Need Patching Up

There are many times that I’ve had serious doubts about how well Seattle University spends its money (which is, in no small part, our money as students) but no instance of incredulity compares to this past Thursday afternoon. I stood and watched the logo of our university literally burn to the ground as a part […]

SU Swimming Gains Momentum

Seattle University’s swim team was in their own world at the Connolly Center this weekend. With the smell of chlorine in the humid air, the constant shouts, cheers, and clapping of supporting fans and teammates and shouts of “S-U-relay!” echoing across the pool deck, it was easy to forget about anything other than the meet. […]

Breaking the Silence at Refugee Simulation

March 2011—a peaceful protest in Darra, Syria calling for the release of 15 children arrested for political graffiti turned violent after the Syrian Army opened fire on the crowd. Four were killed. ANNIE CHANG • THE SPECTATOR February 2013—President Assad refused to step down from power, causing further unrest throughout the country and straining national […]

Call Your Congressman

Last week, a series of chaotic events in the House of Representatives ultimately served as a powerful lesson for the American people. House Republicans were stopped from crippling the Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE), the only independent source of congressional ethics review, by their outraged constituents. As congressional decisions become increasingly questionable, we must keep […]

Eyes on the Shore Releases Shimmering EP

With their newest EP, Maestranza, Eyes on the Shore brought shimmering, psychedelic tones to their surfer-rock style. The San Francisco-based band dropped the collection of five tracks November 18th after releasing the first four tracks as singles over the past few months. Maestranza (which roughly translates from Spanish to “master”) builds upon the rock-and- roll […]

On McCain’s Recent Statement

The American political system has struggled with gridlock since the Republican party gained control of Congress in Nov. 2014. A notable example of this struggle is the current empty seat on the Supreme Court left by the late Antonin Scalia. The Republican party has vowed to deny President Obama’s nominee Merrick Garland—an immensely qualified judge—so […]

SU Students Disappointed With Presidential Ballot

“Is 2016 even real at this point?” said sophomore environmental science major Ionatana Tua, regarding this year’s presidential election. With November quickly approaching, many voters turn to the presidential debates to strengthen their final decision. We are two debates in, and many still find themselves scratching their heads and wondering whether they are watching an […]

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