Pike/Pine area could clean up its act

As the construction on Broadway winds down, the cleanliness appears to be going up.  Flower baskets hang from poles and for the most part, the sidewalks are well kept.  A few blocks over, the streets tell a different story. In the Pike/Pine area, a grungy fog permeates the corridor.  Trash overflows from the dumpsters and […]

Scholarships Reflect Needs of Choir

It is difficult to quantify human talent.  Tools of measurement such as GPAs or number of YouTube views have been devised to somehow establish a student or artist at a skill level, but there are often other influential factors.  When the deciding lines of ability are foggy, issues can arise especially when capacity is tied […]

Professor Raises Bar for Jailed Youth

Adjunct professor Stephanie Guerra has two classrooms: one within the halls of Seattle University’s College of Education and the other in King County Jail. At Seattle U, Guerra provides an education on children’s literature and writing to the eager scholars who are either pre-service or in-service k-12 teachers. To the women at the King County […]

TEDX Addresses ‘Unconventional Leadership’

The common denominator for speeches titled “Fifty Shades of Gay,” “Ethical Riddles in HIV Research” and “Why Libya’s Revolution Didn’t Work—And What Might” is that they make you think. Whether done comically or with a more serious tone, an inflection point always arises somewhere throughout these talks that opens the audience to a new perspective. […]

Dance Marathon Moves for Staff Involvement

Beginning at 10 a.m. on Feb. 23, Seattle University students will be participating in the annual Seattle U Dance Marathon. Along with the unique form of excitement that arises at the thought of dancing for 16 straight hours, the Dance Marathon provides a venue for fundraising for the Seattle Children’s Hospital. The number of participants […]

At Long Last, Women Join the Fight

The first women enlisted in the United States armed forces in 1948, but it took them 65 years to finally reach the front lines. On Jan. 24, the ban restricting women from filling combat positions in the United States army was lifted. “General Dempsey and I are pleased to announce that we are eliminating the […]

Visiting Artist Searches for the ‘Impossible’

Picture a room. On your right, small black lines etched into the wall appear every so often, until they culminate into a cluster of black swirls. To the left, tin foil papers the wall with the words “Impossible Monum” pressing against the material from behind it. The only objects are in the center: large, overlapping […]

Alternative High School Finds Home at SU

Jacob Ross, a senior at Middle College High School at Seattle University, is interested in studying horticulture. “Plants have always amazed me because they’re used for everything,” said Ross. “For medicine, for burns, lotion, clothes, basically everything. That’s just really cool.” At Middle College High School, students like Ross who seek an alternative high school […]

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