Critic’s Corner: Zootopia is Zoo-Pendous

We live in a society in which xenophobia reigns: Muslims, homosexuals, the trans* community and people of color are just a few examples of populations that are exploited by the media and politicians. A new movie presents a commentary on these issues and it isn’t some serious drama—it is a bright, wildly zany animated film […]

Before You Die, Write on the Blackboard in the Bistro

Resembling the monolith from “2001: A Space Odyssey,” a blackboard has found its home in the corner of the billiards room at the Bistro. With the words “Before I Die…” blazoned across the top, it begs students to approach it. Scribbled beneath are words, maybe written by another student, a Bistro worker or perhaps even […]

Movie of the Week

Welcome to Movie of the Week! This weekly column will supply you with a recommendation of a movie—from Netflix— that I think you should watch over the weekend instead of just binge-watching yet another season of “The Office” or “House of Cards” (though we all know those are totally valid and great options). These films […]

“The Witch” is Scary Good

The horror genre seldom gets anything fresh and revolutionary—until now. Robert Egger’s “The Witch,” a surprise hit from last year’s Sundance Film Festival, brings forth into an atmospheric world full of terror and paranoia that never cheapens itself with jump-scares or silly gimmicks. Taking place less than a century before the infamous Salem Witch Trials, […]

Gravitational Fields MAking Waves on Earth and Physics

Each year, astronomers gaze up at the sky and uncover new things about our universe—and occasionally they find something big, like last week’s groundbreaking recording of gravitational waves. Most of the findings don’t always have a huge impact back here on Earth. Some—like the recent sighting of a supermassive black hole that is 21 billion […]

Deadpool Hits His Bullseye

I’m getting pretty tired of superhero movies. Over the past eight years, there have been twelve Marvel Cinematic Universe films alone (not counting X-Men or DC movies). Like Westerns way back in the day, most people love and will pay to see these kinds of films; but they have a repetitious and formulaic feel that […]

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