Seattle U Student Radio Entering a New Era

KXSU is blossoming. There may not be any cracking voices or hair emerging in new places, but Seattle University’s student run radio station is growing up; and fast. Cam Peters • The Spectator KXSU brodcasts locally on 102.1 FM, or online at Formerly KSUB, KXSU is undergoing some dramatic changes. KXSU is Seattle U’s […]

A Lens Unlike Any Other

Big blockbuster films are a dime a dozen nowadays. Foreign films, however, are a tad harder to come by. Latino films can be particularly difficult to find. Luckily for residents of Seattle, there is the Seattle Latino Film Festival. Photo courtesy of Michael Alcala The opening night of the Seattle Latino Film Festival was held […]

No Country for Old Waffles

With walls ornamented in panels made from pallets, Nate’s Wings and Waffles has an atmosphere that is most accurately described as homey and contemporary. Setting foot in Nate’s is akin to hanging out in your DIY-obsessed best friend’s urban backyard. That is, if your friend also happens to be a great cook and connoisseur of […]

‘Pink Out Day’ Rallies For Planned Parenthood

The color pink is often associated with all things feminine. This week, advocates of Planned Parenthood donned the color in support of the organization. The nonprofit healthcare organization provides its services throughout the U.S. focused on the general and reproductive health of women, men and children from all walks of life. In recent weeks, some Republican […]

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