Keep Each Other in Check

“The disproportionate incarceration of black men has been normalized and that’s disgusting…that’s appalling,” said staff attorney Vanessa Hernandez of American Civil Liberties Union of Washington. Last Saturday, I attended the 2015 Seattle Race Conference in Piggott Auditorium, a full-day conference with workshops, keynote addresses, and presentations about implicit racial bias and how perceptions kill. One […]

Concerns About Campus Safety Raised After UCC Tragedy

The sky was painted gray and blanketed with clouds last Friday, Oct. 2, as almost forty students, faculty and staff gathered outside the Chapel of St. Ignatius for a moment of collective silence for Umpqua Community College. As senior Paul DeWater and Campus Minister for Ignatian Spirituality, Marilyn Nash each lit a candle and the […]

Letter From The Editor

Welcome back, Redhawks. It’s been a few. For those of you who don’t know, we are The Spectator—Seattle University’s student-run campus newspaper since 1933. As a journalist and Seattle U student, I cannot help but notice that readers are becoming more engaged, educated and aware about injustices felt on a cultural, social, political and institutional […]

An Ode To Graduating (Spec)tator Tots

To the graduating Spectator staff: You have been with me through it all. You guided me when I was a volunteer writer with a healthy fear of the editors I would soon call my friends. As a staff writer you encouraged me to pursue the stories that piqued my curiosity—and sometimes rage. You trusted me […]

Yes, My Hair Is Purple. Get Over It.

Have you ever asked a woman why she cut her hair short or why she dyed it a particular color? If your answer is ‘yes,’ then as a woman with indigo hair, I implore you—please stop. When I am asked why I dyed my hair this bold hue, people often seem disappointed when I respond […]

Highlighting Concerns About Conduct

Think back to your orientation at Seattle University as a first-year or transfer student. You can probably easily recall the excitement of familiarizing yourself with new people, places, and communities. In the chaos of welcome, you may have forgotten signing a document called the Redhawk Commitment, and it is likely you have violated it at […]

Editorial: Running Circles Around Cancer with Relay

The Spectator was one of 34 teams at SU Park last Saturday for Seattle University’s 2015 Relay for Life. The 16 hours we spent on the turf were filled with beautiful weather, amusing activities—including a lip-syncing battle, which the Spectator regretfully chickened out of—and enthusiastic participants walking laps even during the most unforgiving hours of […]

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