Letter From the Editor on The MRC Student Coalition: No More Apologies. We Need Change.

Many journalists maintain an outdated idea that, to be an effective reporter, you must be impartial, disinterested and emotionally detached. But, as President Obama said during the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, “Taking a stand on behalf of what is true does not require you shedding your objectivity. In fact, it is the essence of good […]

Why I am Boycotting Ghost in the Shell

To say Ghost in the Shell is a cornerstone of Japanese media—and perhaps all modern science fiction and anime—is no overstatement; since it first began as a manga in the ‘80s, it has spurred film and anime adaptations, is the inspiration behind many modern animes and films, including The Matrix, and is still widely praised […]

Not on my Campus: Inside the Campus Carry Debate

I am adamantly against guns. This does not mean I am anti-second amendment rights—but I do believe in stricter gun control laws, would never allow a gun to exist in my household and would never consider enrolling in a school that allowed concealed carry. Yet, I cannot deny that concealed carriers have in some cases […]

CFW: Our Drivers in Shinning Armour

While exploring the city, I often catch myself tensing up subconsciously in anticipation of catcalling and other forms of verbal harassment. I sometimes imagine what it would be like to travel as a woman in a truly safe manner. Chariot for Women (CFW), a new transportation service, aims to make those musings a reality. CFW […]

Old School Frozen Custard is Sadly, Old News

Old School Frozen Custard, which I referred to lovingly as just, “Custard,” was the shining frozen treat eatery on a (Capitol) Hill. It stood strong amid the increasing appearance of gimmicky ginger beer bars, niche bike cafes and pricey American diners, which—while I unabashedly adore many of these dining options—all leave a bad taste in […]

The Best Ways to Celebrate April

Keep America Beautiful Month: Tend to a Garden There is no better month to ponder how to keep our nation beautiful than April, when the weather becomes less temperamental and nature greets us with increasingly vibrant and cheerful colors. While you could stick to the simple, yet impactful tasks of repurposing old items or picking […]

The Terrifying New Reality

Over spring break I found myself in beautiful, sunny Ventura, Calif. Besides occasionally contemplating the fullness of my schedule come Spring Quarter, I found myself virtually stress free, releasing my pent up energy from Winter Quarter by eating, tanning and celebrating with friends. But when I woke up on Easter morning, I had a rude […]

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