Why Bernie Has The Young Vote

At the Democratic Presidential debate on Sunday, Hillary Clinton was asked why she thinks she isn’t getting as much support from young voters as her competitor, Sen. Bernie Sanders. Unsurprisingly, she wasn’t able to give a concrete answer; if she knew, surely the problem would be solved by now. The simplest response I can offer […]

Listen to This: LCD Sound System

When I saw LCD Soundsystem play a hypnotizing set at an Austin music festival in 2011, I—and everyone else in the crowd—was under the impression that it would be one of their last shows. The band had said earlier that year that they would permanently part ways following the tour for their 2010 album, “This […]

Mayor Murray to Speak on Campus About Homelessness

Discussions regarding Seattle’s homelessness crisis have been in full force since Seattle Mayor Ed Murray declared the issue a state of emergency last month. Tonight, Murray will speak on the Seattle University campus at an event hosted by the Student Government of Seattle University (SGSU) and the Associated Students of the University of Washington. “A […]

Listen to This: Dixie Chicks

I’m from Austin, Texas, and if I were to recommend the Dixie Chicks to someone at home I’d get an eye-roll in response; whether fans of the music or not, everyone already knows who they are. But I honestly have no clue if my fellow Seattleites are aware of the greatness that is this country […]

Pro-Life Lecture on Campus Sparks Student Discussion

We’re told from a young age that college will be a time to develop our social and political opinions about the world we live in. For most students at Seattle University, it’s not difficult to find peers with shared liberal perspectives. But for those with more conservative beliefs, becoming a part of the discussion isn’t […]

Listen to This: Kurt Vile

Somehow I missed the memo at the end of September when Kurt Vile released “b’lieve i’m goin down…,” the sixth studio album of his solo career. I finally picked it up last week, and it’s the only thing I’ve been able to listen to since. There’s a very real possibility that I’ll soon make myself […]

Listen To This: TVOtR

One of my favorite voices in music today belongs to Tunde Adebimpe, frontman of the Brooklyn-based rock band TV On the Radio. I started listening to the band in 2008 after the release of “Dear Science,” an album that completely blew my mind and continues to do so every time I go back to it. […]

Listen to This: Grimes

My favorite weirdo is back with new music! Grimes (27-year-old Claire Boucher) released the first single from her upcoming fourth album earlier this week, and it’s a noticeable departure from her previous work. This doesn’t come as much of a shock; her last full-length album, “Visions,” is nearly four years old, and she scrapped the […]

3 Recent Releases Worth Your Time

October has been an exciting month for me as a music fan. Three artists I am wildly into released new material, and each of the albums lived up to my (unreasonably high) expectations. Without further ado, please listen to the following: Beach House // Thank Your Lucky Stars Beach House did the seemingly impossible this […]

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