FCC Fights Web of Lies

If you care about your Netflix subscription, keep reading. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is your friend—they are responsible for protecting your access to the Internet, your online paper research, your streamed episodes of the Office, your favorite local blog. Previously, the FCC has ruled to prevent Internet service providers (ISPs) from limiting and restricting […]

Specs in the City: Notes from a Karaoke Novice

There are many things in this world that perplex me. Filing taxes. The Krebs Cycle. Miley Cyrus. Spaghetti squash. But I recently witnessed a cultural phenomenon that I found quite incredible—rivaling even the puzzling things mentioned on that list. Karaoke. Karaoke is nothing new, necessarily—people have been participating in this entertainment for years—but I had […]

Specs in the City: Thank You, Public Safety

Early Monday morning, one of our own Seattle University students was beaten up and robbed, suffering life-threatening injuries including a stab wound to the chest. The 23-year-old victim is currently being treated at Harborview Medical Center and no information has been released on his identity. In a press conference about the incident, Executive Director of […]

Act Should Be More Than A Dream

I graduated from high school next to a young woman who had everything I had. We both wore a white sash signifying our role in the National Honor Society recognizing our academic success. We wore bronze medals honoring our participation in upper level classes. From both our caps swung the tassel of a high school […]

Specs in the City: ‘Happy Holidays’ Operation Nothing to Cheer About

This week Seattle Police Department arrested more than 30 suspected drug dealers and gang member near Westlake Mall—the result of an undercover assignment dubbed “Operation Happy Holidays.” But happy for whom? Not the 30 people who now sit behind bars. And ultimately, not really for anyone. The arrests were made after increasing violence toward retailers […]

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