B-ball Players Demand Respect, Representation

For many, women’s and men’s basketball conjure very different expectations. Longstanding jokes among the sporting community belittle the WNBA and women’s basketball in general as less serious than men’s basketball. Seattle University students and young female athletes alike are looking to reverse the stereotype. Upon receiving the 2014 Dick’s Sporting Goods catalog, 12-year-old Arizona basketball […]

Notorious Mars Hill Pastor Resigns

Nicole Schlaeppi • The Spectator One of the many Mars Hill churches in the greater Seattle area located in the center of downtown on 5th avenue. As senior pastor, founder and the face of the now-infamous Mars Hill Church, Mark Driscoll is well-known for his provocative preaching and his unusual interpretations of biblical scripture. More […]

Coming Out: Yes, it Still Matters

Jessie Koon • The Spectator Written messages supporting the LGBTQ community could be seen throughout the student center on National Coming Out Day. Last Saturday, the United States celebrated National Coming Out Day, a time for people of all ages to share and claim their sexual orientation and gender identity while being supported by the […]

Death in Classic and Contemporary Film

Graceful, gratuitous, or simply egregious, death in film is here to stay. Mortality is a recurring theme that transcends genre, time period and cultural context. This Thursday, American playwright and director Dr. Daniel Sullivan will come to Seattle University to speak about the powerful medium. The event, titled “Death in Classic and Contemporary Film,” will […]

Seattle’s Lesbian and Gay Film Festival

Showcasing films that are both critically-acclaimed and that have amassed a cult following, the Seattle Lesbian and Gay Film Festival is seen by many cinema fanatics as an unmissable event. It is, of course, so much more than just a chance to gush about great cinema over coffee and donuts. In its 19 years, the […]

CitySoil Farm Takes Root in Renton

Many people have the environmental-conservation basics down: Reusable water bottles and a bin for compost in one’s kitchen are a must. So is buying organic foods whenever possible. But terms like socially sustainable food systems, urban farming and recycled water may not necessarily be in the average person’s ecological repertoire. CitySoil Farm is committed to […]

Hugo House Hosts Native Prose Writers

“There is a great literary scene [in Seattle], but I still think there’s work to be done to spotlight more representative voices of Native Americans or indigenous people,” said Casandra Lopez (of the Chicana, Cahuilla, Luiseno and Tongva tribes). This Friday, Lopez and two other female Native American prose writers will share that spotlight at […]

Students Greeted By Activist Flyers

During Welcome Week many students were confused by anonymous pamphlets found pushed under doors in residence halls. The message of the pamphlets appears to be that institutions of higher learning such as Seattle U are inherently bad for society and must be rebelled against. Although some students assumed that the pamphlets came from Anarchy Club, […]

Housing Makes Space For New Students

If you thought having one roommate was challenging, try having three. That’s the situation that some new students have found themselves in as Housing and Residence Life converted residence hall lounges into four-person suites to make room for incoming students. “Based on the last number I heard, we are at 110% capacity,” said Director of […]

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