Dear Christopher…

Q: Hey Chris. Do you f*** with da war? A: Hey there stranger, I often consider your question, but only when I’m pillow talkin with a vegetarian gal or contemplating alien invasion. Please don’t neglect the brain. $ave Dat Money, The Independent Variable Q: So I met this guy and I really want to take […]

Valuing Diversity

They say a picture paints a thousand words—this is only 500. I ask you to read on with an open mind and an empathetic lens; also, to email me because I always appreciate a good discussion. To some extent, we are all probably aware that one is defined both by their experiences and by how […]

Skills < Degrees?

Today, many citizens believe that a four-year college degree is the only path to home ownership, financial stability and happiness. Dissection of this stereotype reveals that this is not only a recent trend, it may be a misguided one. The idea that good jobs are only attainable with a degree starts with the definition of […]

A Threat to Humankind

The following editorial was written as satire. My fellow students; we are faced with a difficult time. A global epidemic is upon us and no country is beyond its reach. On January 31, the United Nations declared a worldwide state of emergency due to a dramatic increase in the number of reported cases of the […]

National Men’s Day?

This coming Saturday, Nov. 19, more than half of the world’s countries will celebrate men. Some will throw parties, others have even given males the day off from work in recognition of something known as International Men’s Day. The overwhelming sentiment these days—to the extent of my experience—is an emphasis on women and their endless […]

An Election Lament

As far as I am concerned, this presidential election is a lose-lose situation. But even as I watched all of my choice candidates drop out of the race without reaching their full potential, I knew America would still be okay. To be frank, I must admit that not all of the candidates I have supported […]

The Congress Kerfuffle

C-SPAN: all the cool kids are doing it. With a reputation as boring and honest as what it stands for—Cable-Satellite Public Affairs Network—it has taken an act of congress to get me and my fellow students interested and far more informed. The kind of dramatic, fantastically critical cross-examinations you’d pay top dollar to see in […]

In Defense of the Offensive

Voltaire said, “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” Of late, it seems that the way one expresses themselves online must follow increasingly restrictive guidelines. Certainly it has always been more acceptable to maintain good etiquette whilst posting content, but ideas that are deemed […]

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