School of New and Continuing Studies Grows in First Year

Upon initial glance, Seattle University appears to be full of late-teen and early- twenty-something undergraduates. But unbeknownst to many, there’s a population of adult learners who occupy this campus. They range in ages and backgrounds, and the number of these students is growing by the year. JESSICA DOMINGO • THE SPECTATOR Prospective students learn about SU’s […]

Now Serving: Play Dough With a Side of D1

D1 Improv’s Play Dough show pulled a packed crowd to the Admissions Building Wednesday night in order to help Dance Marathon raise $25,000 in one day. As the audience wondered what the Improv team could have up their sleeve, they began to pass around menus describing what was in store for the rest of the […]

Seattle Reacts to Trump’s Inauguration

Scores of demonstrations were held across the country following Donald Trump’s presidential inauguration on Friday, culminating in the largest inaugural protest in United States history. Hundreds of protestors sat in the street at the intersection of Pike and Broadway Saturday night. In total, over 3 million protesters of all ages and experiences worldwide joined together […]

Youth Assemble to Combat Islamophobia

“If a fire starts in one room in a house, does it stay contained in that room?” Aneelah Afzali asked a room filled to the brim with children, teens and adults with a shared purpose: fighting the negative stigmas and stereotypes that contribute to Islamophobia. The audience responded with a resounding “No.” “That’s right,” Afzali […]

Push/Pull Provides a Fresh Look for Artists

A navy and red building sits on the corner of Market Street and 24th Avenue in Ballard. It houses Hotel Albatross, Sexy Alley Puffy Tacos and Ocho’s Restaurant. On the opposite side, featuring the same paint pattern, sits an underground art gallery. EMILY MOZZONE • THE SPECTATOR Push/Pull’s mission is to flip the idea of […]

Sweet Iron Waffle Open New Capitol Hill Location

Brunch is a big deal on this campus. When the weekend rolls around, students head off campus and hit their favorite brunch spots: Oddfellows, Capitol Cider, the list goes on and on. Although everyone has their personal favorite, it’s always good to venture out to scout some new Sunday morning haunts. JESSICA DOMINGO • THE […]

Friends and Friends of Friends

You can spot it all over campus—printed on sweatshirts, embroidered on baseball caps, plastered to the sides of water bottles. It’s a small character made up of three “O”s looped together and two stick legs that stand on a skateboard. SAMIRA SHOBEIRI • THE SPECTATOR Seattle University student Lauren van Staveren, singer and drummer of Boo […]

“Journalism So White”: Where Media Meets Diversity

On Tuesday Oct. 25, Seattle Town Hall was filled with a packed crowd of journalists, students and citizens alike. The alluring pull, #JournalismSoWhite was an event addressing the lack of diversity in the media. Consisting of a panel of six journalists of color from the Seattle area, the conversation fluctuated from representation to pandering to […]

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