Unionization: Catholic Character Versus the NLRB

When Seattle University denied its adjunct faculty the right to unionize over two years ago, their reason was constitutional: religious freedom. Since then, members of the Seattle U community have called into question the relationship between the school’s religious identity and the presence of a faculty union. NICK TURNER • THE SPECTATOR But the ongoing […]

Public Safety Hosts Self Defense Workshop

Last Thursday, the Student Center echoed with powerful punches and kicks, as well as the impactful language of empowerment. Public Safety’s successful self-defense program, “Discover Your Power,” made a return for Seattle University students and members of the broader Seattle community. JESSICA DOMINGO • THE SPECTATOR Instructor, Meggan Atkins, demonstrates a strategy to escape a two-hand […]

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Shim-Sham Into Hallowswing With SU Swing

It’s 6 a.m. and she has jazz band class. Unlike every other student in the class that was grumpy and mad, Nancy was happy. Unlike any other day, the class went swing dancing. ANNIE CHANG • THE SPECTATOR “I knew it was something special,” she said. “Because I wasn’t pissed off [like the others].” Little […]

Kanye Impresses On “The Saint Pablo” Tour

Kanye West said he’s the number one most impactful artist of our generation, and has equated himself to the likes of Steve Jobs and Walt Disney. Kanye has always stirred commotion for himself in the public eye. PHOTO COURTESY • VIA GOOGLE IMAGES This kind of self-righteousness turns many away from the rapper, but after […]



Seahawks Look Tough, Weathered After 5-Game Gauntlet

At 4-1 and atop the NFC West, the Seattle Seahawks are right where they want to be despite absorbing a substantial amount of bumps and bruises through the first six weeks of the NFL season. Photo via Larry Maurer Coming off of their Week 5 Bye, the Seahawks were working towards a refreshed and healthier […]

Women’s Volleyball Bands Together Against Injustice

Followers of the women’s volleyball team may have noticed a change to their uniforms as they sport a black armband previously unseen. Though to the casual onlooker this may appear to be an inconsequential accessory, it represents the team’s efforts to recognize and create dialogue around one of our country’s most pressing social issues. KYLE […]


Talking Politics on Campus

Plenty of people have come and gone from the Spectator staff each year, as is the nature of a school paper. But in the time I’ve been here, one conversation has come up consistently, no matter who’s in the room at our meetings: the political climate on this campus makes a balanced political discussion nearly […]

The Congress Kerfuffle

C-SPAN: all the cool kids are doing it. With a reputation as boring and honest as what it stands for—Cable-Satellite Public Affairs Network—it has taken an act of congress to get me and my fellow students interested and far more informed. The kind of dramatic, fantastically critical cross-examinations you’d pay top dollar to see in […]

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