More Than just a Number: Sexual Assault Awareness Month

This year Seattle University continues the annual tradition of Take Back the Night—along with other projects—during April, sexual assault awareness month. This month demands that survivors are seen as people above all else. By including all people of all backgrounds and identities, survivors and allies can join together in solidarity against sexual assault. It’s about […]

Students Spread Awareness To Combat Sexual Violence

Imagine a map of Seattle University and its surrounding neighborhoods. A red dot appears on the map. Another. And Another. Each dot represents an instance of sexual assault aimed at a member of our community. Results from the Campus Climate Assessment recently revealed that 3 percent of respondents—75 people—experienced unwanted sexual contact at Seattle U. […]

Auto Prowls on the Rise: What You Can Do

It’s a late autumn night, and you make the brisk walk back to your car only to notice a gaping hole in your passenger side window. The change in your ashtray is gone, as is the backpack you’d left the front seat. What took a thief a few minutes, left you dealing with the consequences […]

Editorial: An American Problem

In the United States, guns symbolize autonomy and individuality. That is, the importance of guns to American culture is due in large part to the feeling of freedom and empowerment they bring. But symbols are worth less than lives. Americans need to ask if a right to bear arms is worth the price we pay. […]

Editorial: A Mother’s Message

As a mother fearlessly stood on stage, walking us through the murder of her 17-year-old son, she asked the audience, “How did we become such a violent society?” Sybrina Fulton, mother of Trayvon Martin, asked us, as a mother would ask her child, why we had become so cruel. As I sat there, among Caucasians, […]

Concerns About Campus Safety Raised After UCC Tragedy

The sky was painted gray and blanketed with clouds last Friday, Oct. 2, as almost forty students, faculty and staff gathered outside the Chapel of St. Ignatius for a moment of collective silence for Umpqua Community College. As senior Paul DeWater and Campus Minister for Ignatian Spirituality, Marilyn Nash each lit a candle and the […]

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