Youth Assemble to Combat Islamophobia

“If a fire starts in one room in a house, does it stay contained in that room?” Aneelah Afzali asked a room filled to the brim with children, teens and adults with a shared purpose: fighting the negative stigmas and stereotypes that contribute to Islamophobia. The audience responded with a resounding “No.” “That’s right,” Afzali […]

MRC Still Recovering Six Months Later

In October the Seattle University administration amended one specific section of the Seattle University Code of Conduct: the demonstration clause. According to the clause, individuals organizing a protest must meet with a member of the Student Activities Office to plan facilities reservations and coordinate with public safety. Additionally, the demonstration cannot “actively disrupt scheduled class […]

Students Kickstart Undergraduate Research Journal

Research journals serve as tools for professional development to undergraduate students. Just over two years ago, a group of Writing Center Consultants noticed that Seattle University was lacking a journal and decided to create one of their own. Now, the Seattle University Undergraduate Research Journal (SUURJ) is accepting manuscript submissions for its inaugural year. MICHAEL […]

EMP Takes Indie Games to the Next Level

An “Indie Game Revolution” is coming to the Experience Music Project Museum this week in an all-new exhibit showcasing a unique artistic medium: video games. “Video games are another form of art both in designing and playing,” said junior marketing major Jacob Peterson, an avid gamer. “The way designers make the game and how it […]

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