SU Model UN Club Takes on Annual Security Conference

Seattle University’s Model United Nations club dealt with international crises in real-time alongside other Washington universities last weekend for the club’s annual Security Conference (SCON) hosted at the University of Washington campus. NICK TURNER • THE SPECTATOR Members of Seattle U Model United Nations standing in Red Square at the University of Washington. Seattle U, Washington […]

SU Budget Challenges Reflect Issues at Colleges Nationwide

President Fr. Stephen Sundborg, S.J. released an email last week regarding the budget for the upcoming fiscal year, which will see many of its key decisions materialize this February and March. Sundborg’s email, though optimistic that the university will continue to move forward, did not mince words in describing the challenges that this year’s budget […]

Support for the MRC Student Coalition Grows

On Monday, day 13 of their sit-in protest at the Casey Building, the Matteo Ricci College (MRC) Student Coalition testified in front of Academic Assembly and presented two binders full of testimonies, emails and other documents detailing complaints against the college, some dating back to 2008. Nick Turner • The Spectator MRC Student Coalition members […]

The Friendly Faces Behind our Beautiful Campus

Illustrated by Lorna McDonnell • The Spectator Seattle University is full of ambitious students and professors, rushing from class to class and doing more than they can with the little time they have. What they often forget in the flurry of their own haste, is that their lifestyle wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for […]

Growing Trend of Stick n Poke is no Joke

College dorms are turning into tattoo parlors and university students are changing what it means to mark oneself with a needle and ink. Enter the stick and poke, the cheap college version of a tattoo that is less permanent but serves a similar purpose. Cam Peters • The Spectator A student shows off her stick […]

Once Again, Protesters Demand Justice for Adjuncts

“What’s disgusting? Union busting! What’s outrageous? Poverty wages!” shouted the coalition of students, healthcare workers, community organizers, faculty, grocery store workers, local politicians and protesters from all walks of life as they marched past the Seattle University Administration building. nick turner • the spectator Protestors march down 7th Ave. carrying signs provided by Service Employees […]

Seattle U Still Stuck in Gender Binary

Seattle University has long struggled with making its campus inclusive for transgender, genderqueer or other non-binary students and community members. In 2010, students, faculty and staff developed a list of issues regarding inclusivity that needed to be addressed. This list included bathroom accessibility, training and awareness surrounding pronoun usage, and access to health care. For […]

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