Seattle U Art Galleries in New Hands

Since mid-July of 2017, the art galleries on Seattle University’s campus—the Vachon Gallery, the Hedreen Gallery and the Kinsey Gallery—have been without a curator. Last month, Molly Mac was appointed the new Galleries Curator for these three spaces and hired for a teaching position at Seattle U. Mac’s background is in printmaking, animation, video installation and performance. Mac […]

SGSU Film Screening Sparks DACA Dialogue

This past  Thursday, Jan. 11, Student Government of Seattle University (SGSU) and the Seattle University Film Society partnered to host a screening of “El Norte”, to discuss the struggles of immigrant families who come to the United States and to provide resources for those being affected by the new regulations of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). […]

Ask Mama Mozzone

Giving relationship advice of any kind. Q: What is loistening? A: Google comes up empty, my friend. I’m gonna go with “moist listening” or “lotioned moistening.” Good luck. Q: Mama, my friend secretly betrayed me recently. How can I cope? A: True friends understand that loyalty is the biggest priority. If they had an issue with you, they should […]

Resources for Your Next Multimedia Project

Note from the Editor: This article was co-written by Frances Divinagracia and Gillian Monty, although we are currently unable to display multiple authors’ names due to technical difficulties. Artists and creatives: are you seeking to diversify your creative expression? Are you looking collaborate with other artists and explore new mediums? Getting feedback for a variety […]

Technology and ADHD: The Nuances of the Modern Attention Span

The iPhone X came out earlier this month, marking 10 years since the release of the first iteration of Apple’s ubiquitous device. Since the beginnings of smartphones, psychologists have been interested in studying the effects of technology on sleep, attention and stress. Some psychologists are finding that technology use may be giving users symptoms that […]

New Cat Cafe is the Purr-fect Spot to Unwind

A few blocks away from Seattle University campus on Belmont and Pine, the new Neko Seattle Cat Cafe offers a place for cat-lovers of all ages to relax and interact with some furry adoptable cats. This cafe experience has been open for three weeks and adds a different mix to the coffee and happy hour […]

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