Vera Project Hosts “Party Against the Patriarchy”

On Friday, Seattle’s Vera Project was packed with Seattle’s hippest and best- dressed youths, there for Itchy B’s Feminist Club’s fourth Party Against the Patriarchy. These shows aim to provide a space for young people of all identities and backgrounds to gather, dance and express themselves in a safe and inclusive setting. The theme this […]

Kanye Impresses On “The Saint Pablo” Tour

Kanye West said he’s the number one most impactful artist of our generation, and has equated himself to the likes of Steve Jobs and Walt Disney. Kanye has always stirred commotion for himself in the public eye. PHOTO COURTESY • VIA GOOGLE IMAGES This kind of self-righteousness turns many away from the rapper, but after […]

Rapper Mick Jenkins Brings the Love

Fresh off releasing his debut album, “The Healing Component,” Mick Jenkins brought down The Crocodile in a show for the ages on Thursday Sept. 29. EMILY MOZZONE • THE SPECTATOR The 25-year-old Chicago rapper started off his “Quest for Love” tour by selling out his show in Seattle. As a rising star who has just […]

New Hedreen Gallery Curator Wants You to Feel Weird

Most students might not realize that there are three art galleries on campus. The most renowned, the Vachon, occupies the Fine Arts building while the Kinsey is situated in the Admissions building. The third—and most overlooked—is the Hedreen Gallery, which occupies prime real estate on 12th Ave across from the Chieftain. Despite this excellent location, […]

Love in Harmony at the Spring Choir Concert

When the Seattle University choir performs their seasonal show this spring, love will be in the air and our ears. This year’s spring choir concert, “All Our Loves” will let love blossom like a flower in its attendees’ hearts. “It’s in our mission statement that, through outstanding, great music, we aim to bring more love […]

Creed Bratton: A Man of Many Talents

“In the 60s, I made love to many, many women. Often outdoors. In the mud and the rain. And it’s possible a man slipped in, there would be no way of knowing,” was the quintessential Creed Bratton—born William Charles Schneider—quote thrown at the crowd during a tour that visited Capitol Hill last week. The performance […]

Vachon’s New Exhibit Has ‘No Boundaries’

Jessie Koon • The Spectator Vachon Gallery’s current exhibit features paintings by Vaho Muskheli. The artist is originally from Tbilisi, the capitol of the Republic of Georgia. Experiencing the world is a task that artist Vaho Muskheli confronts with a paint brush. Originally from the country of Georgia, Muskheli’s work is now being featured in […]

Seven Seattle Bands You Should Know

For decades, Seattle has prided itself on its unique and vibrant music scene. With countless local bands performing every night, this city is overflowing with talented artists and innovative music of all genres. Here are seven of Seattle’s top local bands you should know as a student living on Capitol Hill. Each of these artists […]

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