SGSU 2018 Legislative Agenda Prioritizes Inclusion, Access for Marginalized Students

Student Government of Seattle University President Pa Ousman Jobe is upholding his promise to make student government policy more accessible to all students. SGSU recently released its legislative agenda which outlines priorities and initiatives for the 2017-18 academic year. The agenda focuses on inclusivity, increasing access to resources and partnering with existing clubs and organizations […]

Seattle U Community Honors Holocaust Remembrance Day

“It is not just the Holocaust. There is injustice happening now all over the world,” said Reverend Victoria Carr- Ware, the Ecumenical and Multifaith Campus Minister. “It’s important to be reminded of our history, so it does not happen again.” Jan. 27 marked National Holocaust Remembrance Day as recognized by the European Union in 2005, […]

University Removes Chuck Close Self-Portrait Amidst Harassment Allegations

American artist Chuck Close was accused of sexual harassment in December. On Friday, the National Gallery of Art announced that they canceled his exhibition, which was planned for May. Following this announcement, Seattle University promptly removed a print by Close displayed on the second floor of the Lemieux Library—so quickly, in fact, that almost nobody […]

Another Year of Unity

Pink hats and picket signs flooded the streets of Capitol Hill last Saturday for the second annual Women’s March. The first one, which happened last year after Donald Trump was inaugurated, was the biggest single-day protest in U.S. history. An estimated 5 million people around the world participated. The movement’s endurance to reoccur one year […]

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