Oh My Science: More Coffee, Less Diabetes

REJOICE, you coffee-addicted Seattleites! Our Puget Sound may be highly caffeinated, but we are at lower risk for Type II diabetes (the diabetes that people can get because of bad diet/lack of exercise/some genetic predisposition). Courtesy of Tanya of buzillo-stock Coffee is awesome. Probably. A meta-analysis revealed earlier this fall that the more caffeine you […]

Oh My Science: Memories Without a Brain: How Worms Can Remember Stuff Without a Head

Over the summer, two biologists had fun training flatworms and cutting off their heads then letting them regrow to see if they would still remember their environment prior to the beheading. Guess what? The worms COULD remember. Sounds weird, right? This can’t possibly be actual science. They’re literally messing with worms and then decapitating them […]

Oh My Science: Everything is Science

Recently I’ve noticed that there is a severe lacking in the science news department around here. We have plenty of coverage of awesome cultural things in the arts, interesting places to explore around Seattle and (astonishingly) actual news–But no science. I’m here to fix that. I am by no means a professional scientist (yet) but […]

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