Op-Ed: In Response To “Home Sweet Home”

Dear Spectator staff, You missed several important elements in your exposé of SU’s purchase of the Jesuit Beaver Lake property: When you continually said home, you should have said property (as you rather luxuriously articulate at the beginning—which make the article sound like an exposé); the property is more significant than just the house. You […]

Notorious Mars Hill Pastor Resigns

Nicole Schlaeppi • The Spectator One of the many Mars Hill churches in the greater Seattle area located in the center of downtown on 5th avenue. As senior pastor, founder and the face of the now-infamous Mars Hill Church, Mark Driscoll is well-known for his provocative preaching and his unusual interpretations of biblical scripture. More […]

Two More Saints Go Marching In

Curious onlookers filled the streets of the Vatican last week to see two popes get canonized. April 27 will be a date to remember—Pope John Paul II and Pope John XXIII were declared saints by the Catholic Church. “They were popes of the 20th century,” Pope Francis said in his homily in front of an […]

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