MRC Still Recovering Six Months Later

In October the Seattle University administration amended one specific section of the Seattle University Code of Conduct: the demonstration clause. According to the clause, individuals organizing a protest must meet with a member of the Student Activities Office to plan facilities reservations and coordinate with public safety. Additionally, the demonstration cannot “actively disrupt scheduled class […]

As a Former Employee of Jodi Kelly

I was an office assistant in the Matteo Ricci College from January 2015 to June 2016—17 months to be exact—and I was completed blindsided by the events that transpired last spring. I remember working one of my regular shifts, Wednesday from 1-3. A group of student activists were conducting a rally just a few yards […]

A Statement from the MRC Student Coalition: How long have you known? Why didn’t you do anything?

The last three weeks have taught us more than many of us have ever learned within our MRC classrooms. We have imagined collectively about liberatory education, engaged in dialogues with students inside and out of MRC, learned from/with the support of so many incredible artists, community organizers, activists, and leaders, including many generations of SU […]

Op-ed: Department of History Statement

The faculty of the History Department wish to express our support of the students and faculty of Matteo Ricci College (MRC). We ask that the Seattle University community as a whole engage in difficult dialogues. The occupation by the MRC Student Coalition has been highlighting the urgent need for the entire Seattle University campus to […]

Dean Jodi Kelly Testifies at Academic Assembly

UPDATE: Interim Provost Bob Dullea placed Dean Kelly on Administrative leave on Wednesday, June 1. In an email statement to the members of the Matteo Ricci College he said, “I believe, based on information that has come forward over the past several weeks, that successful operations of the College at this time require that she […]

Letter to the Editor: In Response to Recent Campus Movements

Inspired by the courage of recent campus movements, I would like to bring attention to the specific issue of sexual misconduct on campus. Students and faculty have raised concern with current implementation and communication of policy. OnFebruary 1, faculty of the Sociology, Social, Anthropology, and Gender Studies departments at SU wrote a “Dear Colleagues” letter […]

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