Critic’s Corner: “Moonlight” Enraptures Hearts

Race, gender, class, sexuality, and difficult life circumstances are topics often discussed at Seattle University. Most incoming students realize this before submitting their applications. These conversations tend to be filled with intensity, anger, and urgency as radical changes to those systems of oppression are demanded immediately so liberation can soon be realized. But instead of […]

Transgender Day of Remembrance: A Call to Action

Students and staff gathered on Nov. 21 for Seattle University’s Transgender Day of Remembrance. Huddled beside the reflecting pool of St. Ignatius Chapel, representatives from the Triangle Club and Campus Ministry read the 295 names of individuals who died as a result of transphobic violence—an unfortunate increase from 217 the previous year. LES TOBIAS • […]

SSAFF Brings Light to Social Issues

The Seattle South Asian Film Festival returns for its 11th year this Friday at the Seattle Art Museum, and with 45 films over the span of 11 days, it is the largest South Asian film festival in the country. This year’s focus will be on Bangladeshi films and subjects, but will also feature films from […]

Queer Fiction: A Not So New Fiction

Every week, six days a week, the Gay City LGBTQ Library opens it doors to the public, offering the voluminous amounts of literature to those interested in furthering their literary sphere. These works of literature aren’t considered the norm or even commonly found within one’s local library. The Gay City LGBTQ library serves the purpose […]

RHA Considers Gender Inclusive Housing

Discussions about gender inclusivity at Seattle University have been on the rise in recent years. Most recently, the Residence Hall Association (RHA) has begun to push for gender inclusive housing on campus. The movement toward gender inclusive housing started with outreach through a survey on Facebook aimed at exploring student opinions on the topic. Gender […]

Students to Celebrate Gender Diversity at Drag Show

With the growing popularity of television shows such as “RuPaul’s Drag Race” and the fame of drag stars such as Bianca Del Rio and Chad Michaels, drag has become more and more integrated into pop culture. This is an exciting phenomonon, given that it celebrates the diversity of gender expression—something that has been traditionally left […]

Ignatianq on the Intersection of Identities

In honor of Seattle University’s Jesuit tradition, many share the belief that the desire for social justice transcends any boundaries or limitations. These Jesuit values will again be coming together in solidarity, as the third annual IgnatianQ conference will be hosted by Seattle University this Fri., Apr. 1 through Sun., Apr. 3. Both student-run and […]

Guest op-ed: Merger Pause only the Start

Michele Murray on behalf of the Division of Student Development stated, “We are pausing the conversation about merging OMA and ISC,” in an email sent last Friday, May 29. You may have seen the marches, attended a town hall or two, or even been genuinely a part of the conversation and efforts concerning the merger […]

Same-Sex Marriage Debate: Too Soon Or Too Late?

Last Tuesday’s Supreme Court debate about same-sex marriage was the result of decades of buildup, and will result in years of implications to come. The Justices in the Supreme Court began what will be a two-month period determining the constitutional legitimacy of same-sex marriage. In a broad sense, it is a two-pronged debate: the first […]

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