SU Tech Gives The ‘Genius Bar’ Model a Shot

The Seattle University technology department is taking notes from Apple. This quarter, the school will be establishing a walk-in support center akin to the corporate giant’s famous “Genius Bars,” among completing several other crucial updates to the university’s tech department. The center is set to open on February 24. The walk-in support centers are designed […]

Net Providers Threaten Internet Access

If you’re going to hit college students where it hurts, take away their Netflix. Verizon and other Internet Service Providers (ISPs) may be doing just that. In an important court case on last month, Verizon challenged the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) rules surrounding net neutrality. Essentially, this means that private Internet providers like Comcast and […]

The Naked Truth About Seattle U Firewall

It came as a shock to many Seattle University students when well-known websites were suddenly blocked by a new firewall put in place by the Office of Information Technology (OIT). Under the new system, a plethora of websites known to cause viruses, spam and various forms of malware were blocked from use through SU Secure, […]

This Just In: Seattle Times Says No to Free News

This March, Seattle residents will have to start paying up to receive their news online. Last week, the Seattle Times announced that they will be launching an online subscription plan for access to the Seattle Times website. This paywall will require that patrons who do not already subscribe to the print copy pay a fee […]

Harlem Shake Craze Causes Controversy

“Do the Harlem Shake!” If you’ve been on YouTube recently, then you probably have seen that phrase followed by a group of people dancing wildly to a bass-heavy tune. But that’s not the Harlem Shake. Not really. Despite being a viral phenomenon, the original Harlem Shake comes from Harlem, New York after a resident, named […]

Craigslist Hook-ups End in Robbery, Assault

1. Contact stranger on Craigslist to meet up for sex. 2. Have sex with stranger. 3. Stranger beats you up and robs you. Call it what you may—though if you follow these steps you’ll probably be calling SPD—this is the 21st century formula for an empty bank account and a trip to Swedish Hospital. It […]

New Media Changes Coverage of Crime

It was once the responsibility of trench-coat clad reporters, hunkered down in newsrooms until the wee hours of the morning, cigarette smoke circling to the clack of typewriters and the ring of telephones with the latest news tip, to uncover and report on clandestine crimes, aided only by informants and a reporter’s notebook. Or, at […]

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