Rev SU: The What and Why of New I.T.

If you have not heard of RevSU, Seattle University’s attempt to modernize its outdated IT system, then by most indicators the project is advancing smoothly. The motivation? A desire and need to propel Seattle U’s IT network into the modern era. MANDY RUSCH • THE SPECTATOR The current system of interconnected data has long been obsolete, […]

YouTube Today: What You Need to Know

YouTube Red? YouTube Heroes? What do all these names mean? If you’re a purist, you probably remember the good ole days when online fame meant 50,000 subscribers, instead of 50 million, and any video you could imagine was in reach with a couple clicks. ANNIE CHANG • THE SPECTATOR   In 2006, Google bought YouTube […]

Lol’ing Your Way into College

Seven foot tall basketball players are easy to recognize on a college campus. However, some students across America are earning the same athletic scholarships for quick mouse clicking instead. Schools from Harvard to the University of Washington have created official video game teams that compete in a national league with more than 10,000 players. Robert […]

Editorial: Snap Out of it, Hackers

First J-Law, then Emma Watson gets threatened, and now more than 100,000 nude photos—including ones of minors—will be leaked on the internet through a third party app that saves Snapchats. This is just one reason I don’t trust technology. I am that person who does not save passwords or sync photos to some cloud thing […]

Snapchat Hackers Release Personal Photos

A highly publicized leak of thousands of private Snapchat photos has shocked the world into the realization that celebrities are not the only ones whose private photos are being targeted by hackers. Only a few of Snapchat users should be concerned with this leak, in which thousands of private images have been obtained by hackers […]

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