Syphilis Leaves Daunting Social Impacts

Syphilis sticks with you. Sometimes for a century. Kyle Kotani• the spectator Professor Beth Baron from CUNY talks about venerial disease, particularly syphilis, affected Egypt during World War 1 during British occupation. On Jan. 21, Beth Baron, president of the Middle East Studies Association, spoke to a room of Seattle University students regarding syphilis and […]

Let’s Get to the Bloody Point

Like half the people on this planet, I have a vagina. I bleed from my vagina on a monthly basis during something called a menstrual cycle. Does my bluntness disgust or startle you? Get over it. I am not ashamed of my body and I am not afraid to be blunt about its natural, gross, […]

Mayor Murray to Speak on Campus About Homelessness

Discussions regarding Seattle’s homelessness crisis have been in full force since Seattle Mayor Ed Murray declared the issue a state of emergency last month. Tonight, Murray will speak on the Seattle University campus at an event hosted by the Student Government of Seattle University (SGSU) and the Associated Students of the University of Washington. “A […]

Black Lives Matter More Than Black Friday

Last Friday, hundreds gathered at Westlake Center—some arrived for the Black Friday shopping deals, while many others protested the consumer culture that values money and materials over the lives of black people. This was the second year in a row that supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement protested Black Friday in cities around the […]

The Week in Review

Terrorism Raids in Belgium— On Sunday Nov. 22, mass raids began throughout Brussels, the capital of Belgium, in attempts to find suspects connected with the Paris terror attacks on Nov. 13. On Sunday alone, police and military conducted 19 raids in Brussels—three of which took place in the town of Charleroi. The historic city center […]

“An Innocent Man” Highlights Flaws in Justice System

To kill the mechanisms that nearly killed him—this is the life goal of Kirk Bloodsworth, a former marine who was wrongfully sentenced to die for the brutal rape and murder of a young girl in 1985. Bloodsworth was the first person exonerated from death row through DNA evidence, and he is coming to Seattle University […]

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