99k for Seattle U Dance Marathon’s Ninth Year

When eight-year-old Jaden Burnett underwent treatment for recurrent ear infections, his family faced an unfathomable situation. They had to choose between his medical needs and the family’s other basic necessities. Fortunately, Seattle Children’s Hospital’s Uncompensated Care Fund helped cover what was not provided by their insurance, saving them from this impossible choice, and letting Jaden […]

The Week in Review

Denver Broncos Win Super Bowl 50— On Sunday, the Denver Broncos beat the Carolina Panthers 24-10 in Santa Clara, Calif. This game is rumored to be the last of Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning’s career, though he said he has not yet made a final decision. Broncos linebacker Von Miller came away with the Most Valuable […]

Barbie’s New Bod

Last week, one of the world’s most iconic dolls embraced a long overdue change: Mattel Inc. began online marketing for Barbies that break away from the previously used uniform female body model. Moving forward, “Barbie” will introduce three new body types into their line of dolls, with differentiating skin tones and eye colors. Well it’s […]

Aydian Dowling Kicks Off Wellness Challenge

With clouds looming all day and the sun setting before 5 p.m., finding motivation to go out and stay active during winter quarter can be difficult. Encouraging students, faculty, and staff to take care of themselves this winter, Seattle University’s Health and Wellness Crew (HAWC) is sponsoring the annual Anne Carragher Wellness Challenge. “It is […]

Let’s Get to the Bloody Point

Like half the people on this planet, I have a vagina. I bleed from my vagina on a monthly basis during something called a menstrual cycle. Does my bluntness disgust or startle you? Get over it. I am not ashamed of my body and I am not afraid to be blunt about its natural, gross, […]

Seattle University Campus Climate Assessment 2015

“Seattle University affirms that diversity and inclusion are crucial to the intellectual and psychological vitality of the campus community,” Campus Climate Executive Summary Continue scrolling for article… Information Source: Seattle University Campus Climate Executive Summary Oct. 2015 The results of a lengthy campus climate survey conducted earlier this year were made public on Oct. 22, […]

Therapy Animals More than Just Pets

While it is tempting to cuddle up with one of the furry friends often sighted in residence halls across campus, these pets—known as “therapy animals”—are only meant for those with disabilities, both invisible and physical. Therapy animals have grown more prevalent on college campuses across the country in recent years. An Oct. 4 article in […]

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