Student Health Services Need Patching Up

There are many times that I’ve had serious doubts about how well Seattle University spends its money (which is, in no small part, our money as students) but no instance of incredulity compares to this past Thursday afternoon. I stood and watched the logo of our university literally burn to the ground as a part […]

Planned Parenthood Event Calls for Action

After a tumultuous election season culminating in the election of  President Donald Trump, Planned Parenthood hosted an event at Town Hall which featured speakers from various local and regional groups who discussed the many ways that community members could get involved in the coming years. JESSICA DOMINGO • THE SPECTATOR Citizens of Seattle gathered for “We […]

National Men’s Day?

This coming Saturday, Nov. 19, more than half of the world’s countries will celebrate men. Some will throw parties, others have even given males the day off from work in recognition of something known as International Men’s Day. The overwhelming sentiment these days—to the extent of my experience—is an emphasis on women and their endless […]

Male Birth Control Study Raises Questions of Equality

After years of women carrying the burden to prevent unwanted pregnancies chemically, it appeared there was a chance men would share this responsibility. A trial to study a hormonal contraceptive for men was in the process, until a committee intervened and stopped the study. JESSICA DOMINGO • THE SPECTATOR Gildess and Nexplanon are one of […]

Key Arena Brings Accessible, Inclusive Care

This weekend, Halloween festivities were plain to see across the city, but there was also a less recognized event that was also worth celebrating. From Thursday to Sunday, Key Arena housed the annual Seattle/King County Clinic, where members of the Seattle community and beyond could go to receive free medical service. The clinic was staffed […]

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